Kristine, 4/18/16

It’s her birthday! Please feel free to wish her a happy one.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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(sung to a well-known tune) Happy birthday, to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birth Day, to youuuu (lower pitched) Happy Bi^thday, Toooo, yoooouuu :)

Happy Birthday, Kristine! You’ve done a bang-up job of keeping His Highness’ feet planted on the Terra Firma. Keep up the good work. Demand a Crown.

I just saw this, so it’s after midnight in your part of the country already, but my belated birthday wishes to Kristine (and an admonition to eat as much cake as she wants). Have a great trip around the sun.


In his chapter on “Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life,” True Father writes as follows:

“God did not send us into this world without purpose. When God created us He invested His complete love into each person. So we are all created for greatness because God exists, we can accomplish anything. I became a completely different person when I began to love God. I loved humanity more than myself and was more concerned with the problems of others than the problems of my own family. I loved everything that God created. I deeply loved the trees on the hills and the fish in the waters. My spiritual senses developed so I could discern God’s handiwork in all things in creation. As I was changing my heart to conform to God’s love. I also strengthened my body so I could fulfill my mission.” (PLGC,323)

When youthful passion is linked to the heart of Heavenly Parent and the tradition of True Parent

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