Kristine, 4/18/16

It’s her birthday! Please feel free to wish her a happy one.

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  1. rubiescorner – Chattanooga, Tennessee – I am an artist, and a retired classroom, and Reading teacher. My son introduced me to Word Press, and helped me start a blog. I called it Rubies Corner's Blog. At first I had few clues about writing, but as I wrote to my audience, I began to share daily. I thoroughly loved my audience, and writing. I have majored in Rubies Corner's blog because it has grown over the years. I have a blog with more art on it. My interests are Art, drawing, and reading the Bible. . My audience has grown on rubiescorner because I write what comes to mind. I have 8 other blogs, and they are organized by title.


  2. Happy birthday – live long and prosper!

  3. M.A. Kropp – NH, USA – I am a writer who is also a wife, mommy, and grandmother. I live in MA in the USA. I write mostly fantasy and science fiction. I speak sarcasm fluently. I am Irish and a ginger- that is fair warning. Puppies and kittens are my friends. I like good food, good drink, good friends, and good books.
    Mary Alice Kropp

    Happy Birthday! I hope it’s lovely. (BTW, we share a birth month. We are special!)

  4. Karen A. Wyle – I'm an appellate attorney, an author, a photographer, a politics junkie, and a Hoosier (aka intermittent fan of IU basketball). My published work (aside from law review/legal journal articles) includes multiple science fiction novels, some near future and some involving other planets, equipped with aliens. More recently, I've veered off into historical romance, specifically a series called Cowbird Creek and set in 1870s Nebraska. I've also published one nonfiction book, Closest to the Fire: A Writer's Guide to Law and Lawyers. While originally intended to help writers use accurate details in their legal settings and expand the scope of such stories, I realized while writing it -- and have heard from readers -- that it could also be of use and interest to students, immigrants, and anyone interested in better understanding the American legal landscape. My other blog, Looking Around, is at

    Happy birthday! Here’s a Polish birthday song.

  5. angeliquejamail – Writer, artist, and teacher in the Houston area. Author of several books of fiction and poetry, including FINIS., THE SHARP EDGES OF WATER, and HOMECOMING.

    Happy birthday! :)

  6. Happy Birthday!

    On my birthday I called and thanked my Mom for doing all that work. She recalled the event in sharp clarity.

  7. Happy birthday, Kristine, from a total stranger on the internet! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of all your favorite things.

  8. Tom M – Lawrence, Kansas Area, USA – A baby-boomer with a long Technology-Geek history and a even longer career in non-Technology-Geek work (I took what I could get, when I could get it). Do you remember IBM punch cards? I do. I am working, semi-retired, moderately Senior Citizen with a need to not get bored. So I work. Participate in distributed science data analysis by lending my computers and I read a lot.
    Tom M

    (sung to a well-known tune) Happy birthday, to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birth Day, to youuuu (lower pitched) Happy Bi^thday, Toooo, yoooouuu :)

  9. Kristine

    Happy birthday, and thanks for putting up with us in your metaphorical living room with such good grace; have a wonderful day!

  10. Happy Birthday, Kristine! You’ve done a bang-up job of keeping His Highness’ feet planted on the Terra Firma. Keep up the good work. Demand a Crown.

  11. Happy Birthday, Kristine Scalzi, and many more adventurous years ahead! May your day be filled with family, beauty, and a certain writer showing his appreciation.

  12. Happy Birthday! I had planned to say more but you live your life with a word-spinner so I am sure you have to read far too much as it is! :)

  13. Happy Birthday.

  14. Happy birthday Kristine! May it be one of those happiest of days kind of days for you!

  15. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

    (P.S. I noticed just in time that I typed my e-mail as “”

    Does spam come from Hormail?

  16. Happy birthday Krissy!!
    Hope you have tasty things to eat and drink, time for naps and people to wait on you.
    In other words be a cat :-D

  17. Happy birthday to one of the world’s most patient women!

  18. I just saw this, so it’s after midnight in your part of the country already, but my belated birthday wishes to Kristine (and an admonition to eat as much cake as she wants). Have a great trip around the sun.

  19. Two days before Hitler’s birthday.
    I know this because I have a son born on the 20th. He turns 24 in about an hour (in this here time zone) and I’m expecting him to re-militarise the Ruhr at any time.

  20. Shawn – Ohio, USA – Early to bed, early or whirlybird or something. Bored now, bye. Don't step on any Lego's 'cause it _Hurts_!
    Shawn T

    Happy birthday!
    And huh, got a bd card here to take over to Mary in a few minutes.

  21. SUN JIN NIM:

    In his chapter on “Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life,” True Father writes as follows:

    “God did not send us into this world without purpose. When God created us He invested His complete love into each person. So we are all created for greatness because God exists, we can accomplish anything. I became a completely different person when I began to love God. I loved humanity more than myself and was more concerned with the problems of others than the problems of my own family. I loved everything that God created. I deeply loved the trees on the hills and the fish in the waters. My spiritual senses developed so I could discern God’s handiwork in all things in creation. As I was changing my heart to conform to God’s love. I also strengthened my body so I could fulfill my mission.” (PLGC,323)

    When youthful passion is linked to the heart of Heavenly Parent and the tradition of True Parent

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    > John Scalzi posted: ” It’s her birthday! Please feel free to wish her a > happy one.” >

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