The May Mostly Hiatus

As a heads up for folks:

My May is going to be super busy with things that don’t involve being online, including writing and travel, so that means that I’m planning to spend most of May offline. I’m not closing down Whatever because I’ve scheduled Big Ideas, but content here is likely to be those pieces and the occasional photo of cats and/or sunsets and the even-more-occasional entry with words (one’s likely to happen on my birthday, for example).

Also, and for the same reason, I’m likely to cut back substantially on social media in May. My current plan is to sign on in the evening if at all; we’ll see if I stick to that, because social media is like crack. But that is the plan.

So if things seem a little sparse here in the next month and you don’t otherwise see me online much, you’ll know why. I’m not dead or sick or in hiding. I’m just busy with work in the real world, and sometimes that’s the priority.

17 Comments on “The May Mostly Hiatus”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up; we’ll try not to make a mess in your absence. Safe travels and productive writing sessions!

  2. Hiding from the hordes of assorted Puppies is what I hear…

    …from nobody with a brain.

  3. “… the occasional photo of cats….”

    Should we be watching for a @scamperbeasts vs @antipope_cats series?

  4. I feel this was a missed opportunity to title the post “The May Mostly Hiatus Haiku.”

    Also, and to write in the form of a haiku.

    -The Gneech

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