Daily Archives: May 1, 2016

Today is the Day I Figured Out My Wife May Be the Highlander

The first picture here is of Krissy in 1994, when we got engaged; you can see my goofy face cropped halfway off there. The second is from 2007, nine years ago. The third is from 2011, five years ago. The final one is from this weekend, at Penguicon. Best guesses: Highlander; vampire; has a painting […]

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May 2016 Semi-Hiatus is Now ON

Get ready for less! (Although I will probably post a kitten picture when I get home from Penguicon later today. I’m not a monster.) One quick note: As part of the deal with the semi-hiatus is spending less time here, I’m trimmed back the time entries are open to comments to two days. This means […]

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