The Promised Kitten Pic

I’m in there too! Sorry.

The kittens seem glad we’re back, at least. No surprise poo anywhere in the house.

16 thoughts on “The Promised Kitten Pic

  1. KITTEH! Enjoy the hiatus. May it be productive and be free of surprise poo.

  2. Wise to take hiatus. Wise to post kitten pics. Have a great time getting work done!

  3. Well, obviously they are pleased to have you home, and in one piece; who knows what problems human beings may get into without the firm and kindly guidance of Zeus and his wingkits?

  4. Aren’t they outgrowing the “kitten” label by now? Didn’t they leave certain, uh, internal parts behind at the vet’s? Seems like a sign of maturity to me.

  5. The scamper beasts are at the age my family (and a few other folks I know) tend to call “catlings.”

  6. Please forgive this, but I misread the title “The Promised Kitten Pie”. Nice kitten piC!

  7. To truly appreciate the “No surprise poo” wonder, add some ferrets to your pet collection.

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