New Books and ARCS 5/2/16: Special Baen-apalooza Edition

I got a smidge behind in showing off the new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound, so I figure the semi-hiatus would be an excellent time to catch up on this score. To that end, please peruse this very fine stack of books courtesy of Baen Books, all titles that are just recently out or about to be. What looks good to you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I’m biased by knowing the author, but The Seer is an excellent read (even the fifth time).

    (We’re fellow alum, you and I, both having graduated from the same tiny private school in Claremont, which makes my opinion especially credible :)

  2. I have Changeling’s Island and Phoenix Ascendant but won’t really get around to reading them until after finals. From a few snippets they’re both good reads.

  3. Baen sure like orange and blue. Not as eye catching as Penguin orange. (I think my dad’s John Wyndham collection might glow, there’s so much concentrated orange.)

  4. If you’re into buying Webscription ebook bundles for at least a 50% savings, assuming you buy all of this month’s ebooks anyway, you have about 6 hours left for the current bundle, and 36 days left to buy the bundle containing a short story from our gracious host.

  5. I think the black/blue with orange/yellow lettering consistent cover aesthetic thing they’ve got going on is quite handsome.

  6. Always looking for new SciFi authors. Picked up ‘Shooting the Rift’ last month. New author, thought I would give Alex a try. Not a bad first effort. NOt great, but not bad. Very interesting mechanic for star travel, and a really turned-on-it’s head culture for the protagonist. ENough so that I’m looking forward to #2.

  7. Funny. I’m in the middle of The Seer, which has been highly recommended all over the place (including here) – and it’s really not catching me. Everyone with any power is truly obnoxious, everyone who’s even slightly decent is a helpless pawn. Ick. Beautifully written, vividly evocative…of a world I dislike. I’m only about a third through it, admittedly, maybe it improves later (they just left the hidden city).
    The one I want to read is Silence – aside from it being by an author (or two) and in a series I like, I read the first few chapters and am hooked. Also contains many obnoxious characters, but there are decent ones in positions of mild authority as well (the bookstore owner, for one). And again, beautifully written; rich characters and settings.

  8. I really enjoyed the seer because of the characters. The were not simple cut-outs, the ‘bad guy’ wasn’t pure evil, he was stuck in a situation and trying to do the best he could. Even the all powerful mages struggle with what they can and cannot accomplish. The heroine has the great power of seeing, but she cannot make the future happen, only see possibilities. Every character has an internal struggle with their own abilities and their ability to influence others. I found the book beautifully written about a world in which people get by doing their best and learning trust their friends…and maybe their enemies. A complex novel with moving characters of depth and intrigue.

  9. What’s with all the co-authors? Do the more famous “main” authors do much of the writing at all?

  10. David Drake writes a long and very detailed outline to start on collaborations, 20,000 ords or so.

  11. Had my hopes up when I read “Baen,” but (sigh) no Jon & Lobo book … again. I kind of expected to see the paperback of “No Going Back (Jon & Lobo #5)” but then remembered that it was in one of your previous ARC piles.
    Come on, Mark Van Name! Inquiring minds want to know what happens next to our nano-enhanced hero and his sentient ship! :-)

  12. Phoenix Ascendant was great. A good conclusion to the series. Still want more Grand Central Arena from my Spoor. But honestly, I’ll read anything he writes.

  13. The Seer is a very good read. I agree with what asp wrote. The characters all have their own struggles and trust issues. The world is beautifully fleshed out. Spit happens but there is no gratuitous gore. At times my heart raced, at other times… it melted.

    Not entirely unbiased. I also know the author but wouldn’t recommend the book if I didn’t plan on sharing it with friends then re-reading it myself.

  14. I could use copies of all of ’em except Tales of the Time Patrol. I have the original books they made that omnibus out of.

  15. Oh, interesting; I didn’t know Lackey et. al. were still working with the SERRAted Edge series. It’s been years since I saw a new one.

  16. Grantville Gazette Vii – I’ve read all the print versions. Enjoyable as you get various writers doing something from their angle. My only gripe with the whole series is “How did so many talented people exist in a small town, and have gotten nowhere in their up-time life?”
    Trail of Evil – I am currently trying to work my way through but is a slog so I may just flag it. Not up to some of Travis Taylor’s other work.
    Time Scouts – I read them all when they first came out last century. A toss-up if I buy this reprint to read again. I suppose it will depend on my mood as I gaze at the SFF shelves. At the moment I have a healthy backlog of books to read so the mood is probably no, but then again in six months time …
    Changelings Island – I bought yesterday so is near the bottom of the to-read pile.
    And following on from all the recommendations I shall definitely get The Seer. Its a new author for me. The man at the local bookstore will no doubt ask if it is another John Scalzi blogsite book because quite a few of the books I buy based on these picture parades (and helpful comments) need to be ordered specially.

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