New Books and ARCs, 5/5/16

Hey! Look! More new books and ARCs! Speak to me of the titles here you covet, in the comment thread below.

24 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/5/16”

  1. sarawr – Once upon a time, I was a college student with a revolving door of boyfriends, boozing opportunities, friends, and home addresses. Now I'm a wife, toddler mommy, owner of nine cats, and maybe (someday) a writer. Like, for money.

    Masks & Shadows looks fantastic. I’m such a sucker for escapist fantasy with a Lords And Ladies Get Snooty twist, man. The Chimes looks good too. They all look good. I have a book problem. And envy.

  2. Tammy – Reader, book collector, and reviewer of quality fiction, primarily in the genres of fantasy,science fiction, horror & speculative fiction. The stranger the better...

    Ooooh, Disappearance at Devil’s Rock!

  3. The Nebula Awards Showcase looks like a good anthology to have!

  4. Steven Erickson’s Malazan series is the best! I have them all. But I need all the rest, especially China Millville and Scott Sigler. I’m putting them on my list.

  5. Midnight Tides in hardcover! As if a brick sized paperback wasn’t large enough! This is the sort of series that makes me love ebooks.

  6. I was gung ho on “the Crimes”, then realized it is “the Chimes”…still I would have a go at that.

  7. The Nutty Life – I’m Mariam, a part-time Londoner, born and bred in Karachi, Pakistan. Living in London for the past two years with my husband has inspired me to keep my travel bucket list active; my love for food constant; and my enthusiasm to keep trying something new alive. Primarily a journalist, I am currently taking a detour and exploring the world as a commissioning editor at Culture Trip. Here, I look after freelance writers from South Asia, Middle East and Africa, producing content to help the world understand these regions and its people better.
    Mariam Gabaji

    Disappearance at Devil’s Rock!

  8. Whoa, new Mieville! Want!

    As for the others, the Nebula showcase because I’m so out of touch with what’s being written right now. I also confused Paul Tremblay with the author of a Canadian memoir called “Twelve Disappearing Acts” (or something like that).

  9. @Captain Button: “China Mieville is been recommended to me by various friends. Which is the best book to start with?”

    Perdido Street Station. As constructed world’s go, this one is a masterpiece of weirdness that holds together quite nicely. Then Mieville releases Slake Moths into the mix . . .

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