New Books and ARCs, 5/6/16

A supersized stack today, in terms of the number of titles here. Lots of good stuff here. What here excites you beyond all reason? Tell me in the comments!

18 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/6/16”

  1. Ooh! You have Saint’s Blood! I’ve ordered mine but can’t get the eBook until it comes out in the US. De Castell’s books are wonderful!

  2. You have probably been asked this a lot, but anyway – what do you do with the pile of books? Even not taking into account that you need to invest some time every day to actually write stories, there is no way a human being could realistcally expect to read all these books.
    How do you choose which books to read?

  3. I am trying to understand your life.

    So, you come home and periodically The Powers That Deliver Stuff have left you piles of books? Free books? That’s as close to a “horn of plenty” that I can imagine!

  4. Seriously, how do you find time to read any of those books?! The Mirror Thief looks intriguing.

  5. Since my spread wings are leading to locked threads, without even the frisson of illegally obtained documents and real political grist.

    Loved one of those in the stack.

    Naming it would only lead to shaming it, so I ain’t doing that Bwana.


    Yes: we love host, we love diversity, we love you all.

    But some of us are *actual* weapons.

    Consider Phlebas, consider the people who did Time in the Desert with Compassion – they might not understand you, and vice versa, but…


    You’re in the same Game.

    They Love your, and you do love them, trust me.

  6. And, hey.

    “YOUR” is kinda like “YARP” rather than “VORE.

    At which point it all gets a bit squicky.


    Done – will vanish / die.

    But, hey.

    If you’d put $100 on my first posts, whelp. You’d have a new Car.

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