View From a Hotel Window, 5/13/16: Chicago

Really a quintessential urban hotel view, I have to say.

In other news, hello, here I am in Chicago, to do events for BEA and for SFWA. You can find out about both here, and if you’re in Chicago, and wanted to have physical proof that I actually exist in meatspace, those would be the places to do it.

And yes, I’ve had deep dish pizza while I was here in Chicago. As one does.

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  1. While in Chicago, be sure to check out the OTHER type of Chicago-style pizza: thin-crust pizza that’s cut into squares. Ask the locals, or try Aurelio’s.

  2. I wonder if there is someone across the way taking a picture from their hotel window for their blog thinking “Hey, who’s that guy taking a picture of me?”

  3. I think it is the Palmer House, because of the round windows at the top. Oh, and SFWA is at the Palmer House.

  4. It sounds like you’re trolling for a “Deep dish Chicago pizza isn’t REAL pizza” response, so here it is :-) However, they do make some really nice tomato pies in Chicago, and I try to get them when I’m there. (It’s been probably a decade since I was in Chicago itself, as opposed to just changing planes at the airport, which is like a regular airport except for being much bigger and having snow outside.)

  5. Never understood why Chicagoans endlessly brag about their tomato pie and their hot dogs (which are ok, like every other hot dog in the world), when the real glory of Chicago cuisine is Italian beef. But you almost never hear about it.

  6. Behind some of those windows are (probably) a Presidential Suite and a Honeymoon Suite. Lots of elegance on the inside (maybe); none on the outside (definitely).

  7. Yes, I think it’s the Palmer. I stayed there once between Christmas and New Years. They were doing renovation and the room I had was barely big enough to turn around. Otherwise I couldn’t have afforded it. Parking was a significant chunk of the cost.

  8. Duke Ellington – “Harlem Air Shaft”
    Yeah, different city, so forth and so on, but it came into my head soon as I saw it.

  9. The Palmer House Hilton, with parts of it seeming like a twisty maze of passages, all alike….

    SFWA has been coexisting with various other groups (American Bar Association is the major other group) as well as several proms.

  10. Hopefully your deep dish was a Lou Malnati’s. I’m not usually crazy about deep dish pizza, I generally prefer thin crust (Chicago or New York), but Lou Malnati’s deep dish holds together like pizza (as opposed to a casserole), and the crust is to die for. Get the buttery crust if you haven’t already.

  11. As a native Midwesterner, I think thin-crust pizza is for the birds. As in, tear into small pieces and feed it to them. If you can fold it in half without anything squishing out, why bother eating it?

    I remember Bell’s Pizza in East Lansing, where Double Crust was an item on the menu…and people ORDERED it because their crust was DELICIOUS.

    I’ve never gotten used to New York street pizza. The crust tastes like ashes to me.

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