Pictures from the 2016 Nebula Awards Reception and Ceremony

I attended the 2016 Nebula Weekend and its concurrent awards ceremony, hosted by John Hodgman (shown here with friend) and I took about 800 pictures of the reception and ceremony. The best 9% or so of these pictures is now available for your perusal at this Flickr album of the event. It’s just like being there!

Also, in case you need it, the list of award winners and other nominees is here. An excellent set of nominees all around, and I was thrilled for each of the winners. Congratulations to all!

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  1. Glad to see C.J. Cherryh receive her Damon Knight Grand Master of Science Fiction Award……she surprised us with the news a couple of months ago….

  2. I have read sadly few of these. [sigh]. As if my to-be-read pile wasn’t long enough as it is …

    I’m sure much angst is being raised in certain quarters about the preponderance of award winners being women.

  3. ‘about the preponderance of award winners being women’

    Especially the sort of woman who writes something like ‘Downbelow Station’ – really, what is SF coming to when you have a book with space stations and jump carriers, involving insterstellar war and a woman captain who is so politically correct that she orders one of her units to fire on another, because the Norway has standards to maintain when it comes to winning battles. A book that won the Hugo in 1982, of all things.

  4. I’ve read enough English history to know the 16th and 17th centuries, many women broke out with independent merit, particularly in philosophy and letters. It disturbs me that three+ centuries later, here in America, such matters are even noticed. Why is this?

  5. OMG, 3 of the 6 winners of Nebula best novel from 2010-2015 are women! Stop the presses! In other news approximately 50% of the population is not male! ARGH, we’re losing! /sarcasm

    Seriously, Terry and Cherryh are both very well deserving of the awards, and the rest are, too. Too bad Terry had to leave us so soon. Also, grats on getting to be at a convention again, not enough of them are in Austin.

    Check out the Museum of Science and Industry while you’re there, literal tons of stuff to enjoy.

  6. Captions would be really nice, for those of us who do not know these people by sight. The pictures are wonderful, but I’d enjoy them even more, if I knew who most of them are. Sorry to be so lame…

  7. Okay, now I feel dumb. I just went back to look at the pictures again and ran the cursor over them and there were captions…. Sorry. that’s really lame. I should change my handle to “lamelady”…
    I was looking at the Querkywriter – my mom has a Royal typewriter with that exact keyboard. I’ll have to show her this. She’s 90 and often amazed by the world of the internet.

  8. This has certainly brought the enraged manbabies out in force. Congrats to all the winners and nominees!

  9. Okay, after looking at the album it makes a lot more sense. I was thinking, “Holy crap, Scalzi looks a lot like John Hodgman…”

  10. At least now I can put faces on names whose works I have read and admired for years, but would be hard put to identify on the street. Thanks, John!

  11. Congrats to the winners!

    I really liked Hungry Mothers. I’m now distressed that the winners authors are (mostly) younger than me- you kids get off my lawn (and go back inside and write more books/stories for me)

  12. It was good to see you there this weekend and I’m glad I had a chance to sit with you and John in the lobby, even if I’m not named John.

  13. John, thanks for giving us fans the chance to see these and put names to faces. It’s really refreshing to see all the variety there. Hmm, and quite a few authors I haven’t read before; somehting to look forward to.

    I’m embarrassed it’s been too long since I visited the blog here, a blog I really like. — I notice the caption has changed to a quote from one of Prince’s songs. Cool.

  14. Since you went to University of Chicago, do you walk about campus and remember your past? Have you visited your old dorm, favorite place to study, etc?
    Have you spoken at any University of Chicago events?

  15. Is it that Himself looks a lot like Hodgman, or does Hodgman look like Himself? Or is it the very first Nebula Doppleganger sighting? Anyway, it’s scary …

  16. John B:

    I was there last Thursday for a tour of their new library. I didn’t cruise past my old dorm, however, as it’s been torn down (and good thing, too, as it was terrible).


    I’m older than Hogdman, so he looks like me. He’s more famous than I am, however, so I look like him.

  17. (I’m reposting something I wrote via FlickrMail, since you may more readily see it here:)

    Dear Mr. Scalzi

    I’m a volunteer editor of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( Many of these images would be great for illustrating the Wikipedia articles about the respective people.

    If you would like to allow us to use these images, with credit to you of course, you can do so by changing the image licensing settings to “Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons”.

    You should be aware that this will allow anyone to modify and use the image, including commercially, as long as they credit you and redistribute the image under the same license. But because Wikipedia aims to be a free encyclopedia, our rules allow us to use only images released under these conditions (that is, conditions that allow commercial reuse).

    If you decide to allow the use of your images, I would like to thank you very much in advance on behalf of other Wikipedians and our readers worldwide. You can of course also apply the same permissions to other images that you think might be useful to an encyclopedia. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Best regards, Pierre Grés

  18. Sadly, when I clicked on the link to see the photos, it said page not found. :(

  19. jmlevinton . It is working for me. Are you trying to connect to it from a work computer? flickr might be getting blocked by your overseers.

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