Today’s New Books and ARCs, 5/23/16

Some very fine stuff here today. What is calling to you from the stack? Tell me in the comments!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I’ve been waiting for Breath of Earth forever, so that’s first on my list!

But It Happened One Doomsday,Hex, and Bloodline also have my attention.

Oooh, that Ready Player One looks great! Listened to it on audio, it’s one of the few books my husband and I could agree upon. Pretty nostalgic for us, since we were teenagers in the 1980s.

@Spriggana indeed. I have it pre-ordered in any case. I take it you are also a fan? I have had very limited success convincing others to read The Rook (although all that do love it), have you found a good way to describe it that doesn’t make people nod nervously and inch away?

There have been so many rumored release dates for Stiletto, I wasn’t entirely convinced that it would be out in June. The Rook was just amazing (the ending seemed rushed but still excellent despite that) so I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel.

For convincing others to read The Rook, I’d just have them read the first chapter. That book has a HOOK. Don’t tell them anything else. Just have them read the beginning.

Another fan of ‘Rook’ here. eagerly awaiting delivery. (Side: For some reason the drinking game phrase (no idea why I remember this) comes to mind: “Eleven Elliptical Elephants Eagerly Awaiting Arrival to Ethiopia”)

Rook was excellent, so I look forward to the sequel. I’d no idea that was done, so I’m glad I caught it. Also, I read Too Like The Lightning ( a recent Big Idea) and enjoyed it greatly.

A lot of these look good, but I had to chime in with, “There’s a Dark Crystal novel coming out?!! Why did nobody call and tell me this???” So I would have to say that certainly calls the loudest. Fun stuff!

Can you read Jerusalem and let me know if I should invest my time? I read quickly, but that looks like the investment of a month for me.

Umm. not everyone loved THE ROOK. As noted by others, opening chapter was a great hook. But continuing from there, my willing sense of disbelief was strained badly enough to put the book down about a quarter way thru.Obviously, other people’s mileage varied.

Alan Moore’s doorstop is tempting but, much like that other recent doorstop SEVENEVES, I’ll wait for the Readers Digest Condensed Books version. When you’re in your sixties, it starts to be a concern whether a Big Fat Book or yourself will reach its end first. (Yay, novellas!)

READY PLAYER ONE provided enormous fun during a long international flight (including some back-to-the-past remembrances… Ultraman, anyone?). I have trouble believing Master Scalzi hasn’t read this one.

Ready Player One, one of my favorite books of all time. It is a short fast paced read, well written, and chopped full of interesting ideas. It is the ultimate gamers book. I highly recommend that read for anyone, but especially for gamers.

OMG, the 1200-page ARC of Alan Moore’s Jerusalem??? Want but preferably in a hardcover sturdy enough to keep its pages from falling out. Also, is there more than one John Scalzi around, as I wonder how you have time to write stuff, take cat pictures, and read ARCs.

@dhuff – yep, I agree that many a book just has the ending turn up. You can see the book is coming to an end, two chapters or so to go, but the story is still going strong. Some manage to set it up for an obvious sequel, others just stop.
And thanks folks: – I’ll give Ready Player One and Rook a go. Both are new authors to me.

Love Ready Player One, and the Sub Press version is so beautiful. Just read Hex and enjoyed it. Can’t wait for Stiletto as The Rook was really fun for me. Have to check out some of the others on that stack too! Scalzi’s blog = how to spend more money…..

I want Stiletto so much. Loved the Rook and been waiting forever since that one.

Hex is a fantastic horror novel. Though I have yet to read the English version (original is Dutch), I’ve heard it is a great translation.

Jerusalem will sap your life–which I am not saying is a bad thing. It can be a very good thing–though, I found it highly disturbing to be in Moore’s mind for so long (especially the 11 chapters on some girl hiccuping). I have read 500 pages so far, but I still have 700 more to go. I have no idea if I will find the time.

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