New Books and ARCs, 5/26/16

Before I head out to Wiscon, here are today’s new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What here calls to you? Tell me in the comments!

18 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/26/16”

  1. Another ‘The Long Earth” sequel? I’ve found the first four readable and amusing, though the concept really just seems too big for what Baxter is doing with it.

  2. It’s the last ‘Long Earth’ book, since Terry’s no longer with us. I really liked the first four and found the whole concept delightfully weird.

  3. John, you’ve probably answered this, but does your local library have the bestest collection of current SF available? Are there rules on what you can do with the preview copies?

  4. Hooray WisCon!! I’m local, so it’s the con I try to make it to every year. If you find me early enough in the weekend, I’ll have pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to hand out. (Assuming I don’t eat them all myself tonight.)

  5. Already picked up the second Hilo book last Saturday, so this ARC news is a bit late. That said John, wondered which sequence you liked better from the first book: racoon school enrollment or swigging salad dressing?

    Question about the Best Science Fiction of the Year volume, which looks the same shape and size as Gardner Dozois’ legendary collections. I am definitely late to the party, but does this mean Gardner Dozois has stopped doing his own roundup of the Best SF? Wouldn’t blame him if that’s the case, though.

  6. The Long Cosmos is advertised as the conclusion to the The Long Earth series. Hope Baxter pulls it off on his own. Love the series!

  7. Wesley Chu. And a new “Best of the Year” series?! … goes off shopping.

  8. A new Robert McCammon? I haven’t seen anything new from him for an age.

  9. I’ve got the McDermott book in my reading pile and I’ll get ‘The Long Cosmos’ when it hits paperback..

  10. Haven’t delved into any of those series, I am reading Friday by Heinlein right now, and will be looking to start a new series afterward. Any recommendations?
    John I have read all of your work, before you make any suggestions. I Think Android’s Dream was my favorite.

  11. I’m happy to see a new “year’s best” SF collection. I can never have too many of those.

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