Wiscon; Extending Semi-Hiatus into June; Other Things

Things! About me!

1. This weekend I’m at Wiscon in Madison, Wisconsin. However, aside from “Sign Out,” the mass signing event the convention holds, I’m not on any programming. Why not? Because I didn’t want to be and didn’t volunteer for any. Sometimes I just hang out! So, if you’re going to Wiscon this weekend and want to say hello to me, you’re in luck (likewise, if you have a book for me to sign at Sign Out).

2. This May I’ve been in a “semi-hiatus” state to get work done on the books I’m writing, and the good news is it’s been useful! The bad news is the books aren’t done, so I’m going to go ahead and extend the semi-hiatus, probably through June. The other good news in this case is that are 13 Big Idea pieces scheduled for June, so between them, sunset pictures and cat pics (and yes, the occasional political rant from me) you should be fine for another month.

3. Really happy about the positive response to The Collapsing Empire reveal on Tuesday. This is just a heads up that there will be other reveals coming up soon as well. Yes! I have not been idle! Uh, mostly. So, you know. Stay tuned.

8 Comments on “Wiscon; Extending Semi-Hiatus into June; Other Things”

  1. Sorry, comments are closed on the other thread for some reason, but you mention the book above, so hopefully this is okay:

    I’m excited about The Collapsing Empire! The cover looks tasty, though I’d prefer a smaller font; still, it was great to see it sans words over at Tor.com. Cool artwork – your text inside – I look forward to 2017!

    Also: More announcements??? :-D

  2. You could sub contract the political rants to family members and thus free up your time for more novel/novella writing (or posting cat photos).

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