New Books and ARCs 5/27/16

As we here in the US head into the Memorial Day weekend, here is a stack of books and ARCs for your delight and perusal. Anything here speak to you? Tell me in the comments!

16 Comments on “New Books and ARCs 5/27/16”

  1. City of Mirrors – already received due to a pre-order months ago.

    If his work keeps pace with the first two books, then this should be a fantastic read.

    Age of Myth looks interesting just based on the cover.


  2. Bandersnatch, based on the title alone (how cool could a “Bandersnatch” novel be? Plus I’m oddly intrigued by the font and color).

  3. The first sentence of Trekonomics’ description on Amazon is “What would the world look like if everybody had everything they wanted or needed?”

    If I may quote one of America’s greatest lawmen, that’s just pure, old fashioned communism! What in the hell is the world coming to?

  4. Downloaded City of Mirrors from B&N to my Nook when it was released Tuesday. Justin Cronin doesn’t write at as glacial a pace (perhaps in the age of climate change this is no longer an apt analogy for “slow”) as George RR Martin but it has been awhile so I read the Wiki on The Passage and The Twelve then reread the last 60 pages of The Twelve before starting the new book poolside at the French Lick Springs Resort while on a two-day mini vacation. Loving it!

  5. City of Mirrors, although I’m not sure why. The first two in the trilogy were rather underwhelming.

  6. Loved, loved, loved Age of Myth! Haven’t gotten to Julia Vanishes yet, but soon, and anything called Bandersnatch must be thoroughly investigated :)

  7. Bandersnatch is about the Inklings – CS Lewis, JRRTolkien, etc. Nothing to do with Lewis Carrol :( . Rule of Thoughts looks intriguing, though, and Julia Vanishes.

  8. I always look forward to something new by Sullivan.

    I hope this new series captures the excitement of the Riyria stuff.

  9. I have Bandersnatch, and Diane Glyer’s style is accessible and interesting. It functions more like a reference book for me though, since it’s about Lewis, Tolkien and the other Inklings.

    And “Bandersnatch” would make a great name for a novel.

  10. The Rule of Thoughts sounds interesting. On the other hand, Age Of Myth – Book One of the Legends of the First Empire sounds like some mad parody, or it had damn well better live up to that kind of grandiosity.

  11. Can anyone point me towards Scalzi’s entry on what he does with all these books, please? Or Scalzi?? I’ve tried Search, but I’ve not been able to find the right phrase. Thanks :) .