View From a Hotel Window, 5/27/16: Madison

There’s a lake here.

In other news, hello, Madison (and Wiscon)! I’m enjoying you so far.

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  1. It’s a nifty little town (I was coerced into migrating here a decade or so back). It’s like a tiny Vancouver!

  2. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a neat little Nepalese restaurant called Himal Chuli fairly close to you.

  3. I was there earlier this month for Costume Con. Have you gone to the Hubbard Avenue Diner? They have pie (and breakfasts at a more reasonable rate than the Costume Con hotel, but I don’t know which one WisCon is in).

  4. Good to see you here! And I finally had the pleasure of meeting Kristine, which I know will make me the envy of all your commenters!

  5. Actually there are 5 lakes but the two main ones are Mendota (the one you’re looking at) and Menona. The others are tiny.

    I’m jealous, I moved away from Madison over 20 years ago (what was I thinking?!?) and have never been to Wiscon.
    I was going to tell you to go to Himal Chuli (on State St. ) but Dapek beat me to it!
    Also, if you have time take a group and spend some time on the Union Terrace drinking beer.

  6. I could’ve sworn I saw you on State Street the other night but I just assumed it was your doppelganger. If it wasn’t you, you have an uncanny Madison doppelganger. Either way I hope you’re having a lovely time! I won’t be there for the rest of the weekend but I work at a donut shop on Regent, Greenbush Bakery, stop in for the best donuts!

  7. If you waterski on Lake Menona, does that make you a Menona Rider?

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