Self Portrait With Kitten

And that’s what I have for you this Sunday, folks. Hope you’ve been having a great weekend.

15 Comments on “Self Portrait With Kitten”

  1. You do realize most kittens don’t have the ability to smoothly put their heads through glass.

  2. Gorgeous Scamperbeast there – she’s getting so big! And a very clever photo as well, I might add.

    I have indeed had a lovely weekend, thanks. Got back to the pottery wheel after a couple of weeks away due to work and vacation, and it felt very, very good. Downright centering, in fact.

  3. My son turned 2 today. His big sister is a birthday aficionado (age 4.5) and is carefully instructing him on an annual list of demands. This is not related to you or your excellent felines in any way other than the strictly temporal. Also, we ate Tim Tams.

  4. That looks like a CAT to me. Have the Scamperbeasts grown into the Snoozerbeasts?

  5. Based on my many years of observation of cats, I surmise that Spice is thinking “What are you doing out there, Servant? You’re supposed to be in here feeding me treats and being warm- blooded furniture. (SHEESH!!….Ya just can’t get competent help anymore!)”

  6. As an owner of too many cats, it really boggles me that people persist in this thing that cats see humans as staff/servants. Not all of my cats are affectionate (three are semi-feral), and some of them are occasionally demanding, but they far more convey wanting to be with me than wanting to get something from me. Do people just think that cats are supposed to be dogs or something?

  7. I think Robin Whiskers is on to something. How often, when reading a description of some pedigree cat breed, have you seen it described as “the most doglike of all cats”? Who wants a doglike cat when real dogs are begging for homes?

    Our cats always loved and needed us.

  8. Had a lovely weekend, thank you! Went to Washington DC for the Reason Rally. Lots of good speakers, good crowd, a good time was had by all! I got to hear John de Lancie and Bill Nye! Both very passionate and inspiring speakers. Unfortunately, missed Julia Sweeney, would have like to hear her as well but had to leave early to get home. Kids were getting restless.
    Apart from the obvious high point of feline photography, how was your weekend?

  9. It’s been super hot and sunny where I am in Montana, so I’ve been enjoying the river and reading in the warmth!

  10. I would have attended the Reason Rally, but I came down with a bad case of tronc. I feel like I am probably just made of bugs. Kitteh picture was very therapeutic!

  11. This is wild: picture of cat simultaneously passing head through glass pane and looking uninterested at human excitement in the upending of physics. Is there something Scalzi hasn’t told us readers about the secret super-powers of the Scamperbeasts?

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