Daily Archives: June 7, 2016

Black Tide Rising and Mash Up — Out Today!

Oh, nothing, just a reminder that there are two anthologies being released today in which I have short stories. The first (alphabetically speaking) is Black Tide Rising, set in John Ringo’s zombiverse, for which I and Dave Klecha have contributed the story “On the Wall”; the second being Mash Up, in which my fantasy/horror story […]

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A Tweet Spree on Amazon Author Rankings and Envy

To begin, this tweet: Also, Amazon Author Rank? What the hell are you. — James S.A. Corey (@JamesSACorey) June 6, 2016 To which I responded: There's a certain point where you just let go of Amazon rankings because they have no relation to overall reality. https://t.co/ELJaaJNiDz — John Scalzi (@scalzi) June 6, 2016 Which got […]

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The Big Idea: Anna Kashina

Warriors live to a code — but what if in a moment of crisis, that code ties your hands? Anna Kashina confronts such a scenario in her novel, Assassin Queen. ANNA KASHINA: “Assassin Queen” is the third and concluding book in the Majat Code trilogy, which was ultimately driven by one big idea: what would happen […]

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