Black Tide Rising and Mash Up — Out Today!

Oh, nothing, just a reminder that there are two anthologies being released today in which I have short stories. The first (alphabetically speaking) is Black Tide Rising, set in John Ringo’s zombiverse, for which I and Dave Klecha have contributed the story “On the Wall”; the second being Mash Up, in which my fantasy/horror story “Muse of Fire” resides (Mash Up is the printed version of Rip-Off!, originally an audio-only anthology).

Both are available at your favorite bookstore, and if they are not, then tell them to special order! That’s right! You can do that!

15 Comments on “Black Tide Rising and Mash Up — Out Today!”

  1. Good job and great writing as always – but I must say, I do get tired of seeing covers featuring semi-nekked women “warriors” wearing pushup bras. Because where are all the scabs and bruises if they aren’t just cosplaying?

  2. Eric Flint? Man, you hang with all the cool guys!

    Those outfits on the cover models are absurd, tho–wear some leather biker jackets, blue jeans maybe with leather guards, and carry a couple of shotguns, that’s the armor you need for Zombieland. Also, cardio is good for Zombieland survival. Noodle-limbs and implant breast? Not so good.

    That said, cheerleaders shooting zombies in the head sounds like the bizarre lovechild of rival testosterone-fueled dreams.

  3. “On The Wall” was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the stories now that I can get them in EPUB.

    And to be fair to Ringo as far as the outfits go, in the main series he was always careful to detail the truly immense amount of protective clothing worn by his 13 year old gunbunny when she’s kicking zombie ass in close quarters. Of course, he also liked to throw in references to her 15 year old sister sunbathing topless and being ogled via periscope by the crew of various submarines. Who, to be fair again, didn’t have much else to occupy their time.

  4. The cheerleaders are wearing their uniforms because they were caught on the way home from a competition, From the story ‘Not In Vain’ by Kacey Ezell, an active duty Huey pilot and cheer mom.

    Toni W, when asked why she put zombie killing cheerleaders on the cover, allegedly responded, “Duh. I know my demographic.”

  5. The only thing I can think looking at the cover of the left book is “Oh John Ringo no!” Which I’m sure is totally unfair to everyone involved but really?

  6. I think I’ve moved from OH JOHN RINGO NO to “Oh, John Ringo… sigh, shake head no. It’s just embarrassing at this point.”

  7. I’ve listened to Muse of Fire (I want to say I’ve read it, as well) and remember really liking it. I’ll have to check out On The Wall!

  8. In John Ringo’s defense the female characters portrayed in his zombie series are anything but helpless damsels in distress. His main character Faith is actually one of the most kick butt characters ever conceived; and through her countless acts of valor wins the admiration and respect of the remaining armed forces.
    I am guessing from the cover this is not a continuation of that story line, as it is not at all representative of his female characters in his zombiverse.

  9. Folks, I’m okay with this thread not turning into a referendum on the cover. I think we’ve covered it pretty well at this point.

  10. So you based an short story on the opening line of Henry V (“Oh, for a muse of fire!”)? What an interesting choice. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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