New Books and ARCs, 6/10/16

Just in time for the weekend, a new set of book and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound. What in this stack rings all of your book-buying bells? Tell me in the comments!

14 thoughts on “New Books and ARCs, 6/10/16

  1. What do you end up doing with all these books you get? I bet the closest library would love you.

  2. I loved Swenson’s The Ultra Thin Man, hardboiled crime fiction set in 2113. The Ultra Big Sleep should be a treat. And there’s interesting publishing story behind it.

  3. I inhaled Gemina last weekend – a worthy sequel to Illuminae (which was one of my favourite books last year…)

  4. INVASON OF THE TEARLING, definitely! THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING was probably the best book I read last year, and as soon as I finish Rothfuss’ novella, I’m diving into INVASION myself.

  5. I like horror, so a Best Horror of the Year collection is a no brainier.
    Maybe Invasion of the Tearling. I didn’t finish the first book yet, but that had to do with realizing that reading two fantasy books at once wasn’t a good idea for me.

  6. I got an ARC of “And I Darken” a few weeks ago and I think it’s the best historical fiction I’ve read, period. Definitely in my top 10 books of 2016 (which I know is a bit early to call, but…)

  7. Gemina! I met the authors at YALL West and they were funny and snarky, just like their book, Illuminae. Illuminae was one of my two favorite books from 2015 and I nominated it for a Hugo.

  8. I really enjoyed the two Buehlman novels I’ve previously read, so I’ll definitely be checking out The Suicide Motor Club.

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