A Kitten Picture for You, 6/13/16

Spice, discovering trees have birds. 

Hope your day has been a good one.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I’m pretty sure that Ohio’s intense color saturation strips its Western neighbor – and my home state – Indiana. As far as I can tell, everything here is rather a muted sepia tone. Or perhaps I’m suffering from dog vision.

See, this is what I was trying to explain to Spouse. He simply could NOT understand why I felt so strongly that I really, really needed a D-SLR when for so many years I was more-or-less ok with using a point-n-shoot. It’s all your fault, Scalzi, for posting those astoundingly gorgeous images, and I’m gonna tell him so. And then I’m gonna go try (again, for the eleventieth time) to figure out just what the heck f-stops and ISOs are, and how to use them on my new toy – er, tool.

Thanks for the image, and for inspiring me to try something decidedly outside my comfort zone.

Colonel, two things – fully automatic or ‘program’ mode and ‘play with the photo software on your computer’. ;-)

Beyond that I’d recommend the ‘… For Dummies’ books, they are actually pretty smart.

I’m putting this in my file of examples demonstrating that you don’t have to be the first ever to have done something in order to discover it.

Spice looks about ready to cat-chirp with happiness.

Good thing this kitten hasn’t gotten to the “Oh yes, I can climb the tree and get closer to those feathered things” stage. Yet.

Yep…The world needs more kitten pictures. Thanks very much, John, your kitten pictures are much appreciated. On another note, this may have happened at your home already, but things will get even more fun when the kittens discover that trees have squirrels as well.

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