I Was Too Busy To Update Earlier and Now I’m About to Go On a Date With My Wife, So, Here, Have a Kitten Picture AND a Sunset Picture

There, that should hold you. Hope you had a fine Thursday.

20 Comments on “I Was Too Busy To Update Earlier and Now I’m About to Go On a Date With My Wife, So, Here, Have a Kitten Picture AND a Sunset Picture”

  1. Seriously you might make money in photography.

    Wish I could have said this on your blog commentary: they are like class, with a short lecture to begin then classroom participation afterwards: free learning! To me, anyway.

  2. At this point in the present Thursday, I’m ready to find a drug dealer and hit a couple of panes of acid. Seriously, LSD can’t be any worse of a trip than the day I’ve had. When I say shit has bubbled over, I mean it in the most literal sense. Whole in radiator at work? Waiting and extra 1 1/2 hours to go home? Metformin kicking in with its worst side-effect? Toilet not flushing and overflowing and spreading shit all over the bathroom floor because dumbass neighbor tried to flush a fuckin’ sock down their privy? Yes, all of those happened between 5 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. this morning. And then there was the aftermath that should have had FEMA setting up in my living room. Sigh.

  3. Hope your date was loads of fun! Kitten photos are ALWAYS welcome, as you have doubtless noticed. My Thursday was quite productive, if exhausting, and Friday is likely to be several magnitudes more of both, thanks. Have a great weekend!

  4. See, Conan was sadly mistaken about what is best in life: It’s actually spouses, and cats, and creative children, and evocative photography. And coffee. And memorable prose. And sentence fragments. Bheer is definitely in there somewhere, as well.

  5. I’m going to suggest that those kittens of which you speak have morphed into cats; just sayin’.

  6. Your tiny scale model of an apex predator is quite handsome! No doubt the fully grown adult version will be as well!

  7. Shrike58 and Peter are correct. Sugar and Spice are Cats. They are also in hunting mode.

    Married couple date night means no children in tow, but how hard is it to avoid talking about one’s own children.
    My date night without children is a rated R movie or a live comedy show. Then my options grow much smaller and infrequent.

  8. Not necessarily so, Shrike58… One of my felines is best described as a ‘fully-grown, adult kitten.’

  9. Is that your kitty, or just a random Internet kitty? She looks so much like mine!

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