My Next Album

Perfect for Father’s Day! Album art courtesy of Troy Z, whose work might be familiar to readers here.

31 Comments on “My Next Album”

  1. My next Victrola upgrade will be to accomodate stereophonic sound, just for this release.

  2. Dazzling!

    Can you work in a really awful “Dad” joke in this somehow? I can’t think of a way to tamper with the perfection you’ve achieved, but WTH? :)

  3. So much win here!

    My daughter (Athena’s age) is currently in Japan, so my father’s day was a message saying, “Happy father’s day, learned to play sanshin!”

  4. That couch looks really comfortable. I bet it’s one of those places where you sit down for a couple of minutes and then wake up a few hours later with no memory of falling asleep. I love couches like that.

  5. So what list of songs are available on this album? And when will it be on iTunes?

  6. You seem like such a cool dad to a 60-something reader.
    I’m sure that’s a good thing, right?

  7. wiredog@8:24 – “Perhaps a ukelele version of “Battle of Evermore” to open the album?” – Please please please please please?

  8. @Robin Whiskers: The facial expression I love is Athena’s couchmate’s.

    I love the wear marks around the edges. This is obvy the classic, vinyl edition, right? The whole thing just totally rocks. Clearly published ca. 1968.

  9. I think all three of you deserve an Emmy or a Grammy or something for the perfect expressions. Priceless.

  10. @Troutwaxer: “I think we need a ukelele version of the The Immigrant Song!

    Followed by Smoke on the Water . . .

  11. I, too, love the BF’s expression most. “I really like Athena. I REALLY like Athena. I really LIKE Athena, BUT. I really like Athena AAAAAAARRRRGGGH!!!!!” Photograph taken between the last two sentences.