First Sunset of Summer 2016

It’s a pretty good one, I have to say.

13 Comments on “First Sunset of Summer 2016”

  1. Oh, that’s spectacular.

    (I don’t get good sunset views where I live because there are a lot of trees blocking off the western view. Happy to admire your photos!)

  2. It’s a nice sunset, sure, but I have a different concern. Is the rotating top picture on the main page new, or at least is the close up of the dog’s face new? Scared the crap outta me. Until two minutes ago I thought Jared Leto’s look was the freakiest take on the Joker I’ve ever seen, but that dog blows him away.

    That pup has seen things. Things dog was not meant to know.

  3. Calling the longest day of the year the summer solstice is a scientific statement. Calling it the first day of summer is religious. Other religions would call it MIDsummer day.
    (Oh no, I’m being a jerk on the innernetz. Sorry, sorry everyone.)

  4. I’m with you Granny. That bugs me too. It doesn’t make logical sense that the longest day of the year would be the beginning of summer, since our sun up time is now in decline.

  5. That’s a really good pic. I’ve looked at it three times easily now, and each time it’s like new, almost as if things change in it.

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