View From a Hotel Window, 6/25/16

I’m in Connecticut at the moment, for a wedding, and the view is leafy, and also, of my feet. Hope your weekend is fabulous, folks.

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  1. You have finally entered the nutmegy Land of the Long River, God’s own country. (As long as it’s not Fairfield County.) But don’t go too far east, it’s full of Cthulhu’s and such.

  2. I am in Connecticut because we live here! It’s a beautiful weekend to be in New England! Have a lovely time. Someday we will coordinate an effort to meet.. A photo of 2 John Scalzis surely would be epic!

  3. Will be passing through Ivoryton. Is the wedding around there? Are you staying at the Cppper Beech In?

  4. The first time I went to Readercon, I had a similar view. I was never able to get them to give me that room again, and now it’s moved to a different town.

  5. Welcome! You should stay and visit for a few days! At least go to the Mark Twain House in Hartford. You picked a lovely weekend

  6. Enjoy the celebration! A wedding is an auspicious occasion, and I hope that the festivities are suitably joyful. Best wishes to the newlyweds for a long and happy marriage!

  7. John, what part of CT? I used that state to hook up with some friends from there, and a friend from England a few years ago. I thought it was funny that they thought 70+ weather needed AC in the car, and they thought it was funny that I found night time temps of 60- to be long sleeve weather. LOL Some of the most awesome days of my life.

  8. Hey *I* am in Connecticut. Pretty sure we won’t be running into each other. It’s not as small as it looks on a map!

  9. I am in Connecticut. (Cheshire, specifically.)

    CT has its faults and problems, but the extreme weather is not particularly extreme. Which is good.

  10. Welcome to my neck of the woods! Unless you’re along the western coast; I’m not sure if there are still woods there.

    East of the River, where I live, you can go from strip malls and fast food chains to farms and bucolic splendor in a 10 minute drive.

    As long (or as briefly) you are here, please follow CT tradition and complain about something. Traffic is very popular, or the classic “There’s nothing to do here!” I live 90 minutes from Boston and 2 hours from NYC, which I guess in CT terms is Alpha Centauri. Also, ignore the local museums and art cinemas and the awesome small restaurants. Also please enjoy our local culture by saying “If I ever win Powerball, I’m moving out of here!” Don’t actually do anything about it besides wish for 270 million to 1 odds.

    Also, do not make eye contact with strangers. As a customer once said (at my package store; please visit our multitude of liquor stores!), “I grew up here, moved to Georgia for my job. There, if you don’t smile and say hello to every stranger you pass on the street, they think you’re an asshole. Here, they think you’re psychotic!”

    I love my state! I’m not being sarcastic, I really love this crazy liberal place that’s generally one of the first states–after CA, CO, and MA–to adopt progressive policies.

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