A Girl and Her Dog

And both of them pretty happy. It’s a fine summer so far.

18 Comments on “A Girl and Her Dog”

  1. You’re in the 1% of lawns, there :) It took me a while to work out what Daisy was doing with her head.

  2. What IS Daisy doing with her head? I completely can’t parse it; everything is just Lovecraftian horrors from the neck up.

  3. Twisting it to her left so that the top of her head is in Krissy’s face–probably responding to scritches front and back.

  4. Hopefully happier than “Christina’s World.” Wyeth’s subject, Anna Christina Olson, had a degenerative neurological disease and couldn’t walk–only crawl–so her world was basically limited to the Cushing, Maine, farm on which she lived.

  5. You have such a long front lawn! I can totally imagine this dog sprinting at full speed up the lawn. Lol. I bet it’s a sight to see.

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