Let’s Talk About July For Just a Second

And what I want to say about July is:

Hey, I’m still not done with the books, so I’m probably going to stick to the semi-hiatus schedule a little bit longer. It seems to be working reasonably well for me, and in particular trimming comment threads back to two days has made things substantially more manageable (it seems to keep in check the folks who like to draw out threads purely for argument’s sake). And the schedule hasn’t kept me from popping in and saying pointed things when I think they need to be said (see: political discussions over the last few weeks). So, in all, it’s been pretty congenial to my working life.

So: Let’s just assume that until further notice I’m going to keep this schedule. When will that further notice be? Well, the books have to be in by the end of August, so: Probably then. If they get done earlier, then earlier.


15 Comments on “Let’s Talk About July For Just a Second”

  1. Your tantalizing hints about These Books are decidedly, well, tantalizing. And I’m glad you’re doing what you need to be doing to make Those Books a reality!

    Also, political discussions are cool and all, but, well. Sunsets and pets. Those are awesome, too, so thanks for them!

  2. I’m curious. Do you prefer a certain time of year for due dates? For me I think I would find it harder to have one at the end of summer, but that may be just me since I’m used to that schedule.

  3. Makes sense to me. Meanwhile, I too am writing and it is currently KICKING MY BUTT so if you have any wise words to spare re: actually getting this shit done I’m very, very receptive. (YA novel.)

  4. “Let’s talk about July for a second.” I thought this would be followed by a political/cultural essay on the 4th of July, patriotism, Trump, Brexit and a general statement on all things American.

    Seems I’m a bit jumpy this season…

  5. But, but, but don’t the comments exist -for- arguments sake?

    I can almost hear the exploding of _certain_ heads…

  6. Dana, they do. But as far as I know, Scalzi does not use clicks to get advertising dollars; so he has wised up on how much utility they actually have and set new conditions for them accordingly.

  7. So, when do you get big enough that you get to not have things like deadlines and just give them the book whenever it’s finished?

  8. Didn’t Douglas Adams say he liked the whooshing sounds
    that deadlines make as they fly past?

  9. You are writing and submitting 2 books at once? Is this something where they are 2 different views of the same basic story?

  10. As Deborah posted above, more kittens and sunsets would be fine with me right now.

  11. But, John! John!  We long for your posts as a cat longs for steaming, feculent rodent intestines!

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