New Books and ARCs, 6/29/16

Hey, you like books? I like books. Here are some books and ARCs that recently came to the Scalzi Compound. Which of these is calling your name? Tell me in the comments!

14 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 6/29/16”

  1. The Devourers…the title and the artwork on the spine intrigue me…as does The Heavenly Table…probably the anthesis of each other, eh? Certain Dark Things has a nice ring to it, as well as On The Eyeball Floor. Looks like I need to get a WordPress booklist going… ;)

  2. Whoa! Is Amaryllis an anthology or an expansion of the short story?
    Jack Tingle

  3. Purely based on a collaboration of my visual cortex going “oooh shiny”, and my forebrain going “I wonder what that title means”, I’d probably had picked “Potemkin Mosaic” and “Certain Dark Things”.

    My sense of humor would have gone back for “Cure for the common universe”.

  4. First, I know Caroline Yoachim and her stuff is great. So definitely you all should read that.

    In other news: I read an ARC of The Devourers and it’s really good. Plus, the Paul Tremblay is a must read.

  5. Jack: Amaryllis is a short story collection, that includes the story. But it just so happens that I’m currently working on a novel set in that world, called “Bannerless” and due out sometime next year!

    Thanks for the post, John!

  6. Ok, this is like “intriguing titles quarterly”. Cure for the Common Universe? Ptomkin Mosaic? Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World? It’s like someone wrote a really good AI for “titles to confuse and intrigue readers”.

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