View From a Hotel Window, 7/1/16: Portland, OR

I’m here in town for Westercon 69, where I am a guest of honor, doing panels and readings and signings and loungings about and eatings and sleepings. If you’re in the Portland area, you should come down for the weekend, especially as it is very likely for my reading I will be reading new work that no one else has ever heard ever in the history of ever. So there’s that. Plus, every other thing about this convention that will be super cool. So come on down.


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  1. kastandlee – Fernley NV USA – Chair of Westercon 74 in Tonopah, Nevada. One of the administrators of and Inveterate SF/F genre convention organizer.

    I’m about 12 floors above him. You can have the parking lot (of the shopping mall diagonally across the street) here:

    That’s Mount St. Helens in the distance, incidentally.

  2. Angela Korra'ti – Author of the Free Court of Seattle series as Angela Korra'ti, and of the Rebels of Adalonia series as Angela Highland. Geek, fangirl, musician, and raving admirer of Newfoundland and Quebecois traditional music. Also a.k.a. Anna the Piper!
    Angela Korra'ti (Highland)

    I can’t post a Westercon hotel pic but only because I’m not there yet. Looking forward to the con! And the reading! \0/

  3. Have you thought about using app?
    “Sex traffickers regularly post photos of victims posed in hotel rooms in their online advertisements. Investigators can use these as evidence to find victims and prosecute perpetrators if they can determine where the photos were taken.
    TraffickCam creates a database of hotel room images that investigators can efficiently search. Features such as patterns in the carpeting, furniture, room accessories and window views are matched against the database of traveler images to provide law enforcement with a list of potential hotels where a victim photo may have been taken.”

    Not that I think you frequent hotels where human trafficking is regularly utilized, but every bit helps.

  4. I can’t figure how to post the picture of the view from our room here, so I tweeted it.

    Alas, this computer professional is now failing to figure out how to get Twitter to cough up a link to they tweet.

  5. While you’re in Portland, will you make time to visit Powell’s Books, the city’s Rose Gardens (great for pictures), or even their famed donut shop whose name escapes me?

  6. I’m with Robin in NM. What has happened to all the hotel room views of insalubrious sights?
    This is the total opposite. A view of loungers around a pool in summer. I wonder just what the view might be like mid-afternoon?

  7. Voodoo donuts is the famed donut shop. Its…fun. And congrats on your lack of parking lot view. Too bad you don’t have one of mountains. Oregon is good at mountains.

  8. Rain or shine, try to see the Japanese gardens. If you can’t, try consoling yourself with a maple bacon doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts. I’m reasonably sure I don’t have to tell you about Powell’s. ;) Hope you’re having fun!

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