Three Things That Arrived Whilst I Was Away at Westercon 69

They are, from left:

  • The Hungarian version of Redshirts, with a fairly awesome cover;
  • A proclamation from the Ohio House of Representatives congratulating me on my Governor’s Award and telling me that by all indications I’m pretty nifty, which is cool;
  • The SF Masterworks edition of Always Coming Home, by Ursula K. Le Guin, for which I was honored to write an introduction.

And I got another dozen books or so from other folks, which I will be showing off a little later in the week, you know, as I do.

And how, you ask, was Westercon 69? Well, I had fun, at least! All my panels went very well, and at my reading I’m happy to say that I got my family and fellow GoH Bobak Ferdowsi involved:

We were all reading from a new, never-before-presented short story called “The AI Are Absolutely Positively Without a Doubt Not Here to End Humanity, Honest.” It went pretty well; my daughter was particularly good in the part of Destructor, Ender of All Humanity.

Plus, at Westercon, we had donuts!

So, yes, we had a pretty good time. Hope your July 4th long weekend was also a good one.

21 Comments on “Three Things That Arrived Whilst I Was Away at Westercon 69”

  1. A1 is the end of humanity? It’s not good on steaks but saying it will end the world may be going too far. I guess it depends on how militant you are about steaks.

    Looks like Westercon was a good time, also donuts and Juno.

  2. That donut front and center looks to have Fruit Loops on it.


  3. Hmm, maybe you should change your Twitter thingy from pie to donuts. I’ve never seen pie quite as attractive as those donuts!

  4. Does the SF Masterworks edition of _Always Coming Home_ include the musical recordings? I have a paperback of the book that refers to a bundled CD but no such CD was included with it.

  5. I am also wondering if there’s some intention of including the audio portion of Always Coming Home. I originally owned it in a slipcased set that had a cassette with the audio. I love the book, but the audio component was part of LeGuin’s original concept…

  6. I speak Hungarian (from serving a Mormon mission there), and it’s always thrilling to see the Hungarian translations of your books. I don’t get to see a lot of Hungarian back in the states. :-)

  7. My original hardback of Always Coming Home is in a slipcase with a cassette of the music. But will need to look at UK edition with Scalzi’s intro.

  8. Wow! Love the cover for the Hungarian Redshirts! And I totally got a sugar buzz off that donuts photo. Lol.