Clouds to the South

I think the one at the top looks a bit like a “z”.

17 Comments on “Clouds to the South”

  1. Zorro: You recognize that famous sign, eh?
    Old Man: Oh, yes, Señor. It is the number 2.
    Zorro: That is a not a 2! It is a Z!
    Old Man: Oh, if you say so, Señor. But in the school, that is how they teach my granddaughter to draw a Two.

  2. Couldn’t help but hear, “Clouds to the south of me, jokers to the right, here I am…”

  3. It’s a dragon!
    I had the same reaction as thomasmhewlett. Hmmm, maybe the cloud is an earworm.

  4. hello
    open google pict search engine and write “CAILLEBOTTE G., Les Raboteurs de parquet ”
    but it is more fun when the museum is in the garden

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