New Books and ARCs, 7/22/16

Look at these books and ARCs. Just look at them. See anything you would like to see the inside of? Tell me in the comments!

12 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 7/22/16”

  1. I’ll always read the new Mamatas. And I tried reading It Happened One Doomsday but the writing stopped me about three paragraphs in. The grammar was painful.

  2. ZAAAAAAHHHNNNNN!!!!! You’re in for a treat there, Timothy Zahn is awesome.

  3. Wish I were sent all these books. I seem to be running out of good books to read.

  4. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. He is an interesting writer, whose work I really enjoy.

  5. I’ve read I Am Providence and I really like it.

    I’m taking Dark Matter with me on vacation next week. And I read all the China Miéville so I’ll be getting to that one as well.

  6. I was a bit iffy on Dark Matter but the GoodReads reviews have me intrigued, so on to the tottering TBR pile it goes…

  7. Cobra War Trilogy? I bought them all over the years. I’m glad to see they are all one. :D

  8. Dark Matter Binding made my head hurt.

    China Melville and Ben Bova look like solid entries!