Please Enjoy This Cat Picture On a Lazy Sunday

And look, it’s of Zeus. The Scamperbeasts are the new hotness, but Zeus is old school cool.

Hope your weekend’s going off well.

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  1. Thanks! Needed something like this for a smile, since we live in formerly beautiful historic Ellicott City.

  2. Ah, the very debonair and handsome Zeus – thanks for sharing!

    Is it my imagination, or does he have somewhat of the look of “geez, I hope that orange tabby is off sleeping somewhere, I am SO sick and tired of being pounced upon. At least these chairs ought to slow her down a little.”

  3. Is Zeus likely to strike me with lightning bolts if I suggest that my weekend is actually going “on” well? If my weekend goes “off,” does it explode, or lose its freshness? Fortunately, neither has happened.

  4. Thanks. While you may–not–recall that I’m more of a puppy person, the last two days have been filled with immense frustration trying to get apartment maintenance to come unclog the sewer line that has sewage packing up into my tub and over flowing my toilet. After two days of repeated calls they finally came and realized I wasn’t just a panicky tenant. A couple of hours later and they still can’t get things fixed, and also finding that the vacant apartment next door was flooded too. So, If no puppies, bring on the kitties! :D

  5. Just curious on your general opinion or position on “outdoor” cats. You obviously have chosen Yes, but I would be interested in a more detailed discussion. I live in a high-rise apartment in downtown Chicago. Until my cat learns to use the elevator buttons, it’s not really an issue for me. You live in rural or at least very non-urban Ohio, so you have a different calculation. I’m not an absolutist on the issue, but I do default to indoor only. But, how much thought have you put into your choice? Or more particularly, what is your opinion on those in between our situations?

    To me, suburban or low-density urban areas are the gray zones that should not emulate your rural lifestyle. Maybe Fluffy could use the exercise, but there is significant risk from cars, other cats, dogs, coyotes, and other hazards. Then, communicable diseases require, almost by definition, a significant population to transmit the virus, bacteria, flea, or what not. Finally, feral cats are a much greater risk to songbirds than domestic cats, but that doesn’t mean adding to the problem is a wise.

    Before I step off my soapbox, regardless of anyone’s choice, spay and neuter your furry friend and stay current on all vaccinations. Bob Barker would beat me up if I said anything less.

  6. Still amazed your daughter came outta his little noggin. Not the least because of the time travel required.

  7. My poor kitty came home from the vet shaved and wearing the cone of shame. Zeus has it good.

  8. Angie Boyter, glad you’re OK. Was just watching video of some of the flash flooding. Horrifying!

  9. Yikes, Angie, I read about the flooding. Sympathy to you from a fellow Marylander.

    Zeus: peekaboo!

  10. Kurt:

    There are agricultural fields on three sides of us, which have a fair number of rodents in them, who occasionally like to trek to our house and try to set up shop. So our cats, in addition to being pets, are working animals. It’s useful to us to have them be indoor/outdoor animals. Also factoring into our decision: The fact that the road is more than 500 feet away, which gives the cats ample territory to roam without being in substantial danger. in 15 years, we haven’t lost a cat.

    If I were in suburbia or in an urban area, or not surrounded by agricultural fields, I would probably keep the cats inside. We’re in a highly contingent situation.

  11. Angie, are you all okay? That was a real shock seeing the pictures of Main Street. Cathy used to take ballet down there.

    Perhaps Zeus the cat god can use his powers and stop the rain (who’ll stop the raaaaain … ).

  12. Zeus: Wait, how old do you think I am? I am way younger than Matt Damon or Ben Affleck.

  13. “I’m hiding under the table to avoid cameras. Can’t you read my mind?”

  14. Nice pic! Awesome flooring too by the way. I love posts like this and tech posts etc. I for one cannot wait until the political season is over. It will save my mouse scrolling finger a lot of work since I do not bother to read them regardless of which side they support. I am one of those people who form my own educated opinions and do not consider the opinions of other whether they are from celebs (actors, writers, etc) or the the trash man.

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