Twitter Is For Cats, feat. Chuck Wendig and Steven Spohn

31 Comments on “Twitter Is For Cats, feat. Chuck Wendig and Steven Spohn”

  1. Ok, so I totally thought this was going off the rails when it hit the TREE FROG part, but that chipmunk at the end totally saved it.

  2. Esteemed authors and doctorate level biologists combined. Rare has such talent emerged on this poor planet of ours!

  3. That didn’t go where I’d expected. Then I realised I was confusing Chuck Wendig with Chuck Tingle.

  4. It’s kind of scary to realize that finding and using these photos on the Internet is only a few clicks and a search engine away. Especially that one with the guy wearing an echidna on his head.

  5. You people are hilarious. Whatever it is you all are drinking, I want some.

    Also, mmug, that is clearly Simon Pegg.

  6. I learn a lot about the writing process from your twitter :)

    Namely, there is a lot of not writing in the writing process…I guess the time goofing off lets the ideas percolate more freely.

  7. The only thing I see Twitter being good for is Trump self-destructing. no bad thing in itself, but still, a cautionary tale.

  8. This just in: Rumors of the Water Mammal Ambassador driving while intoxicated are otterly unsubstantiated, a clear submersion of the facts, stated the Embassy Spokes-Critter.

  9. “Don’t drive angry.” or
    “Toonces, the cat who could drive a car”

    I’m pretty sure our friends upcountry have a whole paddock full of those tree frogs. They’re bad tempered and spit, too; maybe poison.

  10. I haven’t been entertained this much by Twitter since the last time Sam Sykes and Myke Cole did one of their impromptu Abbott-and-Costello-esque routines.

  11. I didn’t see if it was Benedict Cumberbatch or Simon Pegg. I’m in favor of Benedict Cumberbatch.

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