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The Rest of MidAmeriCon II

The folks at my reading wave hello. We had fun. pic.twitter.com/F5epRVzHbS — John Scalzi (@scalzi) August 19, 2016 Now that I’ve opined about the Hugos, how was the rest of my MidAmeriCon II? I had fun! My schedule was relatively light: Two panels, a reading, a signing and a kaffeklatsch, which left a lot of […]

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Gum on the Shoe of History, or, Why the Hugos Are Still Not Destroyed

Before I get into the post-mortem of 2016’s Hugo Awards that I promised, let me first say that the award that made me happiest was Naomi Kritzer winning the Best Short Story Hugo for “Cat Pictures Please.” Naomi and I go waaaaaaay back — if she was not actually the first person I knew in science fiction genre […]

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