Kristine Blauser Scalzi, 9/3/16

Because I like taking pictures of my wife, that’s why.

Hope your Labor Day weekend is coming along nicely.

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  1. For about half a second, I saw the headline to this post–your wife’s name, followed by today’s date–and thought, “Oh, god!” Then it occurred to me that since you didn’t actually put her *birth* date in there, she’s probably still around.

    Be still my beating heart!


  2. Yes, the color version is good, but the black and white captures that spark in her eye and it is just AWESOME.

  3. Absolutely lovely. She’s lovely, but somehow it’s more than that– you captured a tenderness and strength which is just, well, lovely.

  4. You are a lucky, lucky man. But you already knew that, of course.

    While Mrs. Scalzi is unquestionably beautiful, what truly raises that photo of her to an extraordinary level is the love in her eyes as she looks back at the photographer. I would venture to say that there isn’t anyone else in the world who could get a photo of her with precisely that expression.

    As I said, you are a very fortunate man.

  5. Seems she’s also okay with you liking to take her picture. Nice picture, nice lady, lucky man.

  6. I had the same reaction as Nightshade1972 – phew! It’s a beautiful picture.
    I just read Lock-In and the oral history while traveling this week. Was very glad to confirm what I thought I’d read here – that there will be more in this series. What an interesting setup, and what fun to explore it!

  7. True story: At Worldcon this year there was a photo of both of you on display. Walked by it while talking to a friend and thought to myself, “I know that woman…who is that?” Took me a second to realize it was Kristine Scalzi and that I recognized her from the photos you put up on your blog. Took another second to realize I recognized the man in the photo, too. Ha!

  8. I think these (both color and b/w versions) are the best picture of her I’ve ever seen. I salute you both.

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