Spice Enjoys Her Labor Day

She’s clearly not laboring at the moment. Nor should she be! For not laboring is what Labor Day is about!

How’s your Labor Day coming along?

22 Comments on “Spice Enjoys Her Labor Day”

  1. Alas, I am working today but it’s not so bad. Also, I hope to make it to a neighborhood pie party in the afternoon. Spice has got me thinking about taking a nap, though . . .

  2. Ah. It’s now 11am. Partner woke at a blissful 9:30. Just finished brunch, first meal cooked in our newly renovated kitchen. Dined on the patio in the late summer sunshine. Satori. :-)

  3. Her Honor just left to do a week of hearings in Salem, OR, so I have the house to myself. There will be much writing on a couple of things that need to get done this week.

  4. Since I’m running a business from home, technically I don’t have the day off, but it’s still nice. I’m getting ready for Story Expo in LA this weekend and super excited about that.

  5. We’re relaxing on the third day of the weekend after camping on the first two. It was out first time camping with our two and five-year-olds, and we went with another family who were camping for the first time with their one and four-year-olds. It was a great success.

  6. Oh, what a beautiful cat Spice is becoming! I heartily approve of her method of celebrating Labor Day.

    My Labor Day is going well, thanks, and I hope yours is likewise. We’re relaxing after having had family in town over the weekend, lazily getting through a few chores (laundry, mowing, grocery shopping), and doing the final bits of clearing away to prepare for the contractors who will commence work tomorrow remodeling our bathroom. Since it is the only bathroom in the house, the next few weeks should prove interesting.

  7. Quietly. The DC streets are pretty free of traffic. We plan to go out for dinner with friends this evening (grilling was yesterday).

  8. Is it considered work if you do a job for a friend and don’t get paid for it? If it is then I worked, by helping out a friend. If not, then I broke a sweat by helping a friend, either way, time well spent.

  9. When do cats ever labor? The one bit of labor they do for us, they call dining out. I’d love to see pics of a herd cat, or a bomb-sniffing cat.

  10. I was supposed to be at the final day of PAX, but I picked up the PAX Pox late on Sunday. I got only a couple hours of sleep and have been spending the day watching the Magic twitch stream instead of being there live.

  11. First weekend off since Memorial Day!!
    Today: woke up early then slept in late, went to the climbing gym for a couple of hours, plan on spending the rest of today eating delicious food and watching The Producers in honor of the late-great Gene Wilder.

  12. I spent yesterday trying to rest an ankle which is aching due to a combination of wandering around the middle of Como for four hours on Sunday (working for the census here in Australia) and the happy fact that the place we’re now living in badly needs to be re-stumped, because not one of the floors is actually fully horizontal. In the sense that I could drop a marble in the middle of any room in the house, and pick it up from a different corner each time I did it. My right ankle doesn’t like this, and is sulking.

    Unfortunately, there’s only so much rest I could give it when the laundry needs to be done (and the laundry room with the washing machine is outside, down a flight of stairs).

  13. Stalking the wily Snoozerbeast!

    And when YOU need someone wily to help you sort through the many forms of life insurance available, the good folks at Mutual of Omaha blah blah blah blah blah…

  14. Created a sword plaque from a really nice piece of mahogany (edge slice) that I’ve been saving for this project. Used the end pieces for the hand-crafted mounts. No staining this beautiful piece of wood, just used a Minwax clear coat.