Vacation Week Has Commenced

Hey, I’m mostly gonna be out this next week. I might pop in briefly on the 13th (on account it’ll be the 18th anniversary of Whatever), but otherwise don’t expect too much; I’m planning to be mostly offline. I expect you’ll be fine without me.

See you later!

9 Comments on “Vacation Week Has Commenced”

  1. Now that we know Scalzi plays the banjolele, can we also assume that he moonlights as Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer? There is a certain resemblance….

  2. Have a great trip! I’m reading through blogs now at O’Hare after running into you and Chrissy. I always get a little starstruck when I run into people I recognize from online or the author world. Hopefully I wasn’t too awkward. :) It was nice meeting you!

  3. Hee hee! I know exactly where Our Esteemed Host will be: HawaiiCon! Looking forward to your writer’s workshop. Hopefully you won’t have to endure too much stink-eye from Krissy and Athena when you return.

  4. TheMadLibrarian thinks JS has gone to HawaiiCon. You may be right as his twitter has announced his arrival in Hawaii.
    So any minute now we are going to get the obligatory(?) shot of the hotel room view.
    Shall we all have a little competition? View of a beach, parking building, or something else?

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