View From a Hotel Balcony, 9/11/16: The Big Island

I’m in Hawaii! Which is good. I still have daily word count to hit, however, which is while bad is not great. On the other hand, this is where I get to do my daily words while I’m here, which is pretty great.

Back to it for me.

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  1. If we find references to beautiful beaches, palm trees and the like in a Scalzi book in another year or two, we’ll know which one you were working on from the hotel balcony in Hawaii. Hope you manage to find time for fun and relaxation in addition to grinding out the daily word count, or at least that the view brings new ideas with it.

  2. Since you’re on the Big Island in advance of the con, one hopes you will take advantage of some free time to do something in addition to writing. Unless things have really changed in Ohio, you don’t get to see live lava there, or rain forests. Hacking your way through the back 40 when it gets overgrown is not a rain forest. Sleeping in and having a leisurely breakfast on the lanai counts towards relaxation as well.

  3. What a view! Much better than a parking lot!
    You seem to hit your word count pretty quickly in the morning usually so I bet with that view tempting you, you’ll get that done in record time and soon be out enjoying that great outdoors!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. If you end up on Kaua’i at all, let me know. :) I’m happy to play tour guide or give you some ideas of things to do. (Item 1 is find a quiet beach and take a nap.)

  5. How are the books going? How many are you writing currently? I ask because it seems like you have been in book mode for a while now.

  6. Humm … “which is while bad is not great”. … having a little trouble parsing that one. Perhaps not exactly what you meant to write?
    I know — picky, picky.

    Have a great vacation.

  7. “…which is while bad is not great.”

    Copy editors at Tor sigh in relief, knowing that 13 book contract will keep them employed for the next decade.

  8. There’s a Thai place next to the Volcano named Thai Thai. It is the best Thai food I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. Recommended!

  9. Glad to see others pounced on the “while bad is not great”. Disappointed that it took so many comments to get there. Internet, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know you’re always supposed to open with nitpicking and pedantry? How will we quench our thirst if we can’t find the “well, actually”? :D

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