Hawaiian Update

It’s a little breezy this morning. 

Otherwise it’s been lovely here on the big island. Today the the last full day I’ll be in Hawaii; tomorrow it’s back on a plane and flying against the time zones, so won’t be arriving in Ohio until Tuesday. Will be sad to leave but glad to see family and pets.

Aaaand that’s all I have for you today. See you all again in a couple of days.

9 Comments on “Hawaiian Update”

  1. It gets fun when you do a long-haul flight westwards where you lose an entire day – leaving on the 17th and arriving on the 19th. Imagine there’s a world-changing event on the 18th and people ask you where you were. On a less epic scale, there might just be a murder and you need to provide an alibi for the 18th. Tough.

  2. If the wind stays windy, then you could be in for tail wind home.
    And getting home early will give you all that extra time to write another chapter.
    Or not because of (alleged) jet lag.

  3. Looks beautiful! There’s something about a tropical wind that’s so wonderful and different than the wind over land. Enjoy your last hours there!

  4. Wow, the photos make me want to save for a trip to Hawaii myself.

    BTW, while in Hawaii, did you ever try a local dish called “spam musubi?”

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