New Books and ARCs, 9/20/16

I went to Hawaii for a vacation and to be a guest at HawaiiCon, and when I came back these new books and ARCs were waiting to me. What looks good to you? Tell me in the comments!

Also, hello. I am back home. My cats missed me.

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  1. Want to see if Cixin Liu continues down the isolationist road he took us in The Dark Forest; hoping for a happier ending in Death’s End. Got my copy reserved!

  2. 120 pages left to read in Crosstalk. Loving it so much.
    Got the Cixin Liu queued up ready to read next.

    I want the Alison Littlewood.

  3. Death’s FND looks interesting. I used to read alot of Chinese fiction in translation but no sci-fi. I wonder if it has a dreamy quality to it or more of the brutal realism. I would also be interested to see if the patriotism that is coming out of Chinese films lately is also present in the book.

  4. I’ve got Crosstalk pre-ordered as well. It won’t be out for two weeks, although Goodreads sent me an email trying to tell me it was available today. Hey Goodreads, it’s really cruel to tease people like that!

  5. Am I the only one who already has Crosstalk? The kindle version downloaded onto my computer last week. I am not in the US, so maybe I had different dates.

  6. Definitely looking forward to Cloudbound! Also plan to pick up Crosstalk and Death’s End.

  7. Glad you’re back (though I’m sure you’d rather be in Philadelphia Hawaii).
    I have to admit to an unhealthy addiction to Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series, so I’ve been waiting impatiently for The Purloined Poodle. It’s the next novella in the series, told from the perspective of the main character’s dog Oberon, no less. I don’t think it’s possible to have a better shaggy dog story then one told from the viewpoint of an actual shaggy dog.

  8. I’ve been eagerly awaiting Death’s End since The Dark Forest came out here.

    I’m slightly bewildered that Timothy Zahn is writing Starcraft novels. That’s… not what I’d expect at this point in his career. Maybe he’s a fan?

  9. Axia, Death’s End is the third book in a trilogy. Start with the Hugo Award-winning “The Three-Body Problem.” It is epically science fictional. Scientists, aliens, physics, and politics are all in the mix.

    I am on a waiting list for Death’s End and will shortly be on one for Crosstalk!

  10. Not to disparage Timothy Zahn, whose work I also enjoy, but I suspect that his tie-in works, like the Star Wars novels may sell better than his stand-along novels. I’ve noticed that most of his backlist works other than the ones published by Baen (which never seem to go out of print) are showing up at Open Road Media, which suggests that even relatively recent works like the Quadrail series are all out print. He wouldn’t be the first well-established author to write media tie-ins to pay the bills so he can write the stuff he really wants to write.

  11. Cloudbound is pre-ordered and will show up in my Amazon apps at midnight next Tuesday. Also heard Connie Willis talk about Cross Talk either at Balticon or WorldCon, and I want to read that one too. And I just spotted the new Kevin Hearne; I’m working my way through that series as time permits. Pierce Brown is still in the TBR queue. Someday

  12. UK publication date for Crosstalk was 15 September; a familiar online retailer there has paperbacks ready to go. That may have become an EU pub date in general, since I just had it sent to my e-reader here in Germany from the .de instantiation of that same retailer.

  13. I absolutely loved Zahn’s Star Wars novels – he struck me as a very smart writer that got me excited about following his story lines. Seeing him write about one of my favorite video game universes – Starcraft – borders on making me giddy with excitement. I’d say go for that one.


    I discovered Cat Winters last year and have devoured everything by her I can find. World War I malaise and racism! The influenza epidemic and spiritualism! Hypnotists gone amuck! Biracial Hamlet! (yes, all of these are plots/plot points in her earlier books.) I cannot wait to see how Yesternight unfolds.

  15. So you’ve probably answered this question before, but do you KEEP all these books? Do you actually READ them all? Inquiring minds want to know. Also, I won a book on Goodreads and discovered it in my mail and was overcome with joy. I can’t imagine what it would be like to get regular shipments like this. Head explosion.

  16. I’ve already pre-ordered Crosstalk and am waiting for it to show up at my door in its glorious hardcover version.

  17. Many of the books look intriguing, but this “Twenty Sided Sorceress – Level Grind” book might be RPG fiction (Tabletop? MMO?) & the best one with an author new to me; from the title alone, it might be about women playing d20 games.

  18. So the cats missed you as in “Hooray the humans are back!” or as in “You were gone? Well, now that you mention it the bed did seem less lumpy.”?

    Oh yeah, the Connie Willis.

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