Dispatcher Audiobook Cover Reveal

Less than two weeks now until October 4, which is the day my audiobook novella The Dispatcher is released into the world, so today is a very fine day to reveal the audiobook cover. And here it is!

Pretty cool, yes? Who is that dude in the overcoat? Why is he looking at concrete? Does he just really like concrete? Who knows the answers? Well, I do, since I wrote the thing. And very soon now, you will have the answers as well. That is, if you download the audio to listen to. Did I mention that it’s narrated by Zachary Quinto? Well, it is, and just after it was recorded I got a note from the producer that said, essentially, ZOMG IT IS SOOO GOOD. Which I think is a positive response.

Oh, and also, this is where I remind you that until November 2, you can download The Dispatcher entirely for free (and you can pre-order now, so it will be ready for you on October 4). Why are we just giving this story away? Because we like you. Yes, you. And don’t you deserve a free audiobook from me, read by Zachary Quinto, from Audible, every once in a while? Sure you do.

(Also, you know. If you try this and like it, maybe you’ll check out some other audiobooks too, which is what Audible is all about. Heck, and maybe even some of those other audiobooks will be from me. So we do have a tiny bit of self-interest in there, too. Hope you don’t mind.)

I say this every time I talk about The Dispatcher, and it continues to be true: I’m really excited for you folks to listen to this story. I think it’s a really cool story, and the thought of Quinto reading it to you all just makes me squee like the nerd I am. I think you will, too. It’s going to be great.

Not long now!

25 Comments on “Dispatcher Audiobook Cover Reveal”

  1. Cool!

    Have you met Zachary Quinto yet? Is he anything like the Lieutenant Quinto in The Shadow War of the Night Dragons?

    And in that dark and stormy night, upon the walls of Smaelkaven, the imperial castle of Skalandarharia, two guards stood, upon a watch.
    “Is it a dark night,” said Barnas, the first.
    “Aye, and stormy too,” said Ruell, the second.
    “Have you ever seen a storm like it?” asked Barnas.
    “Only once,” said Ruell.
    “Yet if it were not for the lightning, we wouldn’t be able to see at all,” Barnas said. “It is so dark that I would lose my sword at the end of my hand.”
    “And that is why we must be on our guard!” said a third voice, booming from beside them. The two guards drew their swords; lightning flashed above them as they did so, revealing the form of Quinto, their lieutenant, standing on the wall. Thunder pealed shortly thereafter, shaking them all.
    “Had I not spoken, I would have been upon the two of you like a demon,” Quinto said, to Barnas and Ruell.
    “Well, it is dark,” Barnas said.
    “And you’re wearing black,” said Ruell.
    “And you’re on your tiptoes,” Barnas said.
    “I don’t want your excuses,” Quinto said, bringing his feet down. “If you can’t defend this castle you might as well not be guards at all.”

  2. I’m not sure I get the concept of the job from the description. Since (for some unknown reason) 999/1000 times that you intentionally kill someone, they come back, is the intent to intentionally kill people who would otherwise be unintentionally killed, with the goal of using that 0.1% chance to avoid the 100% chance?

  3. Thank you for a free book, I will be downloading this as I really like your work and am looking forward to hearing Zachary’s performance…. but I also like to actually read a book and to listen to the voices in my own head (which makes me sound strange). Even though you’ve chosen to launch this in a different format (I’m not questioning your right to choose how to output your work, it’s yours after all, and that’s why I’ll be downloading the audiobook), will you be eventually releasing it as an e book? I’ll buy it.

  4. I’ve got some sort of weird brain, where I can’t concentrate on having something read to me, I need visual input as well or my attention wanders from what I’m listening to. Which is a long winded way of asking if there will be an ebook/print version at some point in the future, as this isn’t a format that works for everyone?

  5. Audible is really pushing the “first one’s free, kid!” strategy these days, what with Audible Channels now being free for Prime users and also this offer (and, I assume but am too lazy to find out, others like it). In my opinion, this is an excellent long-term strategy: speaking only for myself, give me a handful of freebies and over the next ten years I’m liable to make it worth your while. It gladdens me to see just about company acting in a way that shows it’s looking beyond the next quarterly report.

  6. Hi John: I’m an aficionado of fine audio books, having hundreds on my list. And please enjoy a drink on me; surely some pittance from my purchase price of all your books (except Zoe’s Tale, sorry, tour de force that it is, Zoe’s POV just didn’t work for me, although Zoe is a very fine girl).

    What I’m saying is that, yes, I consider myself something of a seasoned expert on the subject of audio books. And having now plowed through hundreds, I can say that a book reader is more than a reader. It is ACTING, people, and it is a serious deal.

    Some of the finest actors do the voices, some don’t (John Lee, for instance), and are still very fine.

    And I am very happy that these performers are getting more recognition.

    But this is the first time I’ve seen the actor’s name as big as the author’s name– and more prominently placed, too, with arguably improved font handling.

  7. msadesign:

    Re: the size of Z.Q’s name on the cover: In fact that was my idea. They showed me the first pass cover treatments and I suggested bumping up the size of his name because I thought it would look better, deslign-wise, and my ego is sufficiently secure that I don’t need to have my name bigger than the narrator. And as you note, an audiobook is about performance and writing together. So they bumped up the size of his name, and yes, it looks better now.

  8. Looking forward to it! When do you get to hear it? It’s kind of fun for me as a reader (or listener in this case) to know that you as the author have to wait a bit too.

  9. Pre-ordered the day you first mentioned it. Oct. 4 is going to be difficult for me, as it is also the date (in the U.S.) that Crosstalk by Connie Willis is released, and which I’ve also pre-ordered. So excited for both!

    I, too, love listening to audiobooks if they’re well done. I adore James Marsters as the narrator for the Dresden Files books. When John Glover did GHOST STORY, due to scheduling issues for Marsters, I got the hardback instead, as just the sample of Glover reading was enough to put me off. It wasn’t horrible, just not the “right” voice. Recently I discovered that they had Marsters re-record it based on fan feedback. It was SO worth it!

    I bought the Kindle version of LOCK IN and it wasn’t until I was finished reading that I discovered the gender-not-specified feature. I had a male voice in my head for Chris, but I want to listen to both audio versions and see what that does to the story for me.

  10. What fun!

    I too will be waiting for the ebook, but I can imagine how chuffed you are that ZQ is your reader/performer/whatever the term of art is. He made an absolutely perfect Mr. Spock, and I didn’t think it could be done!


  11. I preordered and can’t wait! I’m a long-time Audible listener and this book is free even if you are not a new customer. I’m still waiting for Lock-In to become a series. Please?

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