Sunset, 9/22/16

Welcome to autumn, folks.*

* This welcome good only in the northern hemisphere.

12 Comments on “Sunset, 9/22/16”

  1. They’ve been pretty spectacular in the Northeast over the last week or so, too. Did a volcano erupt somewhere or is it just the angle of sunset is getting shallower towards winter?

  2. What a difference 50 miles makes – not a cloud in the sky here (Mainville, near Kings Island) at sunset today. You always hog the good sunsets up there…

  3. Thank you for that stunning moment of sun rising on a sky :) Beautiful!
    Wish you a great and fairy day :)

  4. And a big welcome to Spring for those in the Antipodes
    Thanks, but in these parts we semi-arbitrarily ‘start’ Spring on the 1st of September. And don’t get me started on Americans referring to a place a quarter of the globe away as ‘Antipodes’ :-)