Sunset, 9/22/16

Welcome to autumn, folks.*

* This welcome good only in the northern hemisphere.

12 Comments on “Sunset, 9/22/16”

  1. They’ve been pretty spectacular in the Northeast over the last week or so, too. Did a volcano erupt somewhere or is it just the angle of sunset is getting shallower towards winter?

  2. What a difference 50 miles makes – not a cloud in the sky here (Mainville, near Kings Island) at sunset today. You always hog the good sunsets up there…

  3. And a big welcome to Spring for those in the Antipodes
    Thanks, but in these parts we semi-arbitrarily ‘start’ Spring on the 1st of September. And don’t get me started on Americans referring to a place a quarter of the globe away as ‘Antipodes’ :-)