New Books and ARCs, 9/23/16

It’s been a busy week for new books and ARCs here at the Scalzi Compound — he’s another stack of fabulous titles from excellent authors. Which ones will you be adding to your own “To Be Read” list? Tell me us in the comments!

By John Scalzi

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Fleet Inquisitor being on the list indicates that Susan R Matthews has some new material forthcoming, which is interesting. That particular volume is “merely” a retread of past Jurisdiction Space material, but apparently there will be a new entry in the new year. Nice!

Definitely looking forward to Castaway Odyssey. I want to know more about that weird planet.

I read part of the first book in the series The Road To Hell is part of, and I couldn’t continue. Reading about all the people dying in a stupid war in Weber’s Safehold series is hard enough, but at least that war has what are essentially Nazis on one side, if only in the leadership. The Hell’s Gate series looked to be shaping up to be nothing but decent people killing each other for four books due to a misunderstanding. No thanks.

Patriots doesn’t strike me as David Drake’s usual stuff. No tanks, for one, though he’s certainly done a lot more than Hammer’s Slammers. Seems too political for him, too, but maybe I just don’t know enough about the guy to say. I did like the description of a main character – “Yerby Bannock, who never walked away from a drink or a fight.” Sounds like a man who might be very interesting, from a safe distance.

Amazon has fouled something up with the Susan R Matthews book – if you start with her author page you can find the Kindle edition, which does not link to a physical edition. Weirder still, if you start by Googling the whole thing (Amazon + author name + title) you get two different pages about the physical book (priced ~3% differently from each other, both as Amazon Prime eligible), and neither page lists the other nor does either page list the Kindle edition. It’s quite odd – though not odd enough for me to try to navigate their bug reporting process!

Was excited to see the new Susan R. Matthews’ “Under Jurisdiction” story but it turned out to be collection of the first three novels. Which is GREAT if you’ve never read them but, for me, a big disappointment. Need moar stories from Ms. Matthews!

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