Living Room Update

Last week I showed all y’all the living room all torn up, as we were getting rid of an unused fireplace and replacing it with shelves and electronic heater. Well, now (most of) the shelves are in, so I thought I’d give you all a status update picture. This is not the final state of the living room, I should note — there are more things to be added onto the shelves and also things to be put on walls, plus a few fiddly bits to be added to the shelves (including a shelf below the TV, where the cable boxes, etc will be added). But it already looks better than it did. The dogs seems to like it, at least.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Woohoo! Party at John’s house in his new living room! Is it BYOB(ooks)? … Be mindful of heat on those liquid crystals and over stimulating those other hovering persnickety electrons. ;)

Wow, that was fast! We are four weeks into our bathroom project and have just reached the point of having tile on the walls around the new shower. Still no actual “facilities” (you know, the ones you actually visit the bathroom to use) though we’re hopeful those might appear next week.

Really looks nice, and I wish you much enjoyment from the increased functionality and space to store all your award-winning books!

Snakes on TV: my wife would be so happy; I’m more like, bleaaaaah! We have three actual snakes in our living room. Feeding time is bad enough. When one of them takes a dump, it’s “Katy, open the windows” time! I, personally, prefer dogs and cats. Furry, warm creatures that can actually make you think they love you. Instead of looking at you like you’re just a big piece of food.

Hmmm… nice, I guess. There is no way you’ll fit in the bowling alley and tournament size pool table, nor rhododendrons … oh, wait. This actually ISN’T Snoopy’s dog house, is it?

It looks nice, but I really don’t like the entertainment system over the heater. It’s fashionable these days, but regardless of how much shielding there is inside the wall you are still getting heat rising and I just don’t believe that it won’t do any harm to your expensive tech-toys.

Scott, interior decorators have been abusing electronics for decades. It used to be big solid entertainment units with no ventilation, keeping the heat in. The latest fad of literally cooking the electronics over the fireplace is even worse. Its almost as if they were in cahoota with electronics companies trying to make equipment fail as quickly as possible so people have to buy new stuff faster.

Soft red, bright purple and white walls!! No,no,no. The colour contrast values are so harsh, you’re gonna get a headache. And we don’t want our favourite author getting headaches. Have a look at Casa del Largo on SfA Architects (Dayton) website for balanced strong colours. And yes I am an architect and no, I don’t get paid by SfA.
All the best in the spirit of good colour theory.

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