Homecoming 2016

Athena’s final high school homecoming was last night, so of course I had to go and take pictures of Athena and Hunter, and their friends Kaycie and Jose, before they headed out for the evening. If you’re of a mind to peruse the photos, they’re in a Flickr photoset here. Enjoy!

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  1. Athena’s dress reminds me an awful lot of the one I wore to prom. Mine didn’t have the rhinestones, but it did have a lot of purple sequins in an artistic design on the bodice.

    I hope the four of them have a lovely time!

  2. Adorable. And Hunter’s new haircut suits him SO much better than his old one.

  3. Oh he cut his *hair* :-(

    (Quiet Xopher, long hair on men is a beatitude unto the Gods and should be encouraged.)

  4. Oh, wonderful! I particularly love the photo you labeled “A Cute Couple,” though they’re all excellent.

    Please pass my thanks to Athena, Hunter, Kaycie and Jose for agreeing to let all of us peek into their lives through the lens of your camera, sir. I truly appreciate the glimpse of such vibrant, intelligent and joyful young people.

  5. Add me to the “Wow, Hunter cut his hair!” chorus.

    We don’t do the big Homecoming thing here. I think we’re missing out.

  6. They look wonderful, and I’m glad they had fun. I don’t understand the Homecoming stuff, but a party is a party…

  7. Hunter is staring at his feet and thinking, “I hope I don’t step on her toes!”
    Athena is looking at her dad and thinking, “I hope you don’t post this on Whatever!”
    :) They look lovely and happy, which is the best thing to capture in prom photos. Well done, John!

  8. Loved all the photos. I could definitely tell they were having a great time. :)

  9. Homecoming’s a lot dressier than it was when I went to high school. Never mind how long ago that was! I agree with Robin – loved the deep blue/ultraviolet orchid.

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