View From a Hotel Room, 10/6/16: New York

It’s a very New York view, I have to say.

Also: Hello, New Yorkians, I am among you through Monday. You will be most able to find me at New York Comic Con, where I am signing books and posters and hanging out on panels, and otherwise lurking about. And now that I have my book done I will be happy and cheerful and not crabby and stressed! Everyone wins!

12 Comments on “View From a Hotel Room, 10/6/16: New York”

  1. Does every Manhattan hotel room have that view? I feel like it must since that’s exactly what I see every time I go. (And a room that barely fits the bed!)

  2. Normal transmission has resumed. That’s more the view we have come to expect from your hotel room.
    Small question: – is New York really that colourless a city?

  3. Hey, John. Welcome. The Comic Con is in full swing here. The hurricane is NOT coming. Trump is 6 points down (or 10 if you believe).

    Life is good, Enjoy.

  4. @KiwiSteve – No, it’s got gray AND brown! Fun town, though. (in all seriousness, the architecture is spectacular, and Central Park is very pretty)

  5. I’ve never before noticed window A/C units installed in the TOPS of the windows. Makes sense — cool air falls, hot air rises — but wow. I understand the concept of double-hung windows, but I’ve never lived in a place where the upper sash hadn’t been painted shut since the early years of the Eisenhower administration.

  6. Welcome to the area, again. Welcome to Donald Trump’s home city, which is just a little less Trump-y while you’re here, so thanks!

    (Note: New Yorkers are more familiar with Trump than anyone. He’s at 5% statewide, and I assure you all those people are upstate.)

  7. At least you have power and no hurricane to worry about. The Gingersnaps send greetings and salutations to the Scamperbeasts, and wish to announce that they, too, are now one year old.