View From a Hotel Window, 10/13/16: Minneapolis

And a lovely view it is.

Reminders! Tonight I am the Roseville library at 7pm! I will be reading stuff as yet unpublished! And tomorrow and Saturday I am a featured guest at Nerdcon:Stories, which promises to be even better than last year’s, and last year was pretty great. Tickets are still available! If you’re in the Upper Midwest, come on down.

15 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 10/13/16: Minneapolis”

  1. Too bad, I’d go see you at the Roseville library, if I wasn’t working tonight (at another library, as it happens).

  2. Keep warm, we’re a tad chilly tonight. Bugger, if I had the gas, I’d come out and meet you in person

  3. You must be in another part of the country. This one doesn’t have those Mordorian cloud formations.

  4. Minneapolis and St. Paul are supposed to be really wonderful cities. I kind of envy you there under the autumnal Midwestern skies.

  5. Was that near the U of M campus? I’ve lived in Minneapolis most of my life, and I can’t place that view…

  6. Dapeck: Looks like it’s south of downtown, between the Convention Center and Loring Park. The photo is facing mostly east (almost right toward campus, actually). You can see one of the domes of the Convention Center at the right edge.

  7. I could have been seeing you at the Roseville Library but no, I was busy having my Staff picture taken at my job, by a photographer who told me to “smile, and think of President Trump”. I now have the frowny-est Staff picture ever.

  8. Damn. I had a previous social engagement and the library was closed when i arrived at 8:05!

  9. 58 years in the Cities, and you come to town after I move to South Carolina. Oh well, timing is everything. Hope you enjoy your stay in Minnesota!

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