Email Notice, 10/17/16

I got behind on emails while I was finishing the book and then traveling the last two weeks, so:

1. I’ve returned emails on everything that I’m going to return emails on, for the last three weeks or so.

2. Everything else I archived.

3. If you sent email in the last couple of months, really wanted a response but didn’t get one, go ahead and send it again.

4. Except for Big Idea emails. For those: October is filled up, and I’m working on November and will be responding to those soon. No need to check in on those.


2 Comments on “Email Notice, 10/17/16”

  1. I swear, we need to start teaching kids in school how to triage emails. It’s a survival skill in this brave new world. Leaving my inbox for more than about 4 days would leave me up to my eyeballs in emails to sort.

  2. Ryan: I subscribe to a service called Boomerang that actually kicks emails out of your inbox and brings them back at a time you specify, precisely because there are some messages that I know I’ll need to deal with later, but right this second they’re just clutter.

    Boomerang also offers delayed email send, which is AWESOME when I’m working off hours and don’t need to get an immediate answer (or when I want to write something that’s likely to have my boss storming to my desk and I’d rather not deal, not that I would EVER do that).

    It also has cool features that I don’t use, like recurring emails and notes you can add to messages.

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