Redshirts Wins the Geffen Award

Happy to say that the Hebrew edition of Redshirts (translated by Zafrir Grossman) won this year’s Geffen Award — Israel’s most notable SF/F award — in the category of Best Translated Science Fiction Novel. A fine honor! This is my second Geffen (the first was for the Old Man’s War back in 2007), and it’s as much a thrill the second time around.

My thanks to Mr. Grossman for his fine work — it’s as much his award as mine. Also thanks to my Israeli publisher, Opus Press. I hope they’re as happy as I am. And of course thanks to the fans who voted for the book!

13 Comments on “Redshirts Wins the Geffen Award”

  1. I haven’t studied Hebrew since the 1970s but had to puzzle this out when I saw it: The title is “chultzot adomot” (long “o” sounds and “ch” as in “l’chaim”), where “adomot” is the plural of “adom” (red) as required for a plural noun. The small text below says “winner of the Hugo and Locus prizes for the year 2013.”

    I love that they redid the embroidery on the shirt in Hebrew as well, with alephs, the first letters of (as best I can determine) “eechood ooniversali”:

    אִחוּד אוּנִיבֶרְסָלִי

  2. I voted and and also cosplayed and encouraged others to vote for Redshirts. After it won someone liked it and took me to talk to the translator. Good news :there may be other books translated, inshalla.

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