Today’s New Books and ARCs, 10/21/16

Look! Many fine new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound this week. What here tickles your fancy? Tell us all in the comments!

17 Comments on “Today’s New Books and ARCs, 10/21/16”

  1. Gotta say, the Tom Tomorrow book. I love the Tom Tomorrow cartoons published in the Daily Kos comics!

  2. I already started reading Dracula vs. Hitler. It’s surprisingly not a comedy. Looking forward to Kadrey and Tomorrow, too.

  3. ‘DRACULA VS HITLER’! Talk about high concept! But can any book live up to a title as great as that? I’ll have to find out.

  4. Well, I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow. Dracula vs. Hitler sounds like the perfect gift.

  5. Kaufman and Kristoff created something very original in Illuminae – a modern sf spin on the old epistolary novel. It will be interesting to see if the followup, Gemina, measures up

  6. Very old science fiction fan who is a new fan of your column. Can you help newcomers like me?
    1) What is an ARC?
    2) How do these books come into the Scalzi Compound? (I ask #2 because it will help me think about what kind of a selection these are.)

  7. ARC is “Advance Reading Copy”, I think. They send these to Scalzi hoping he’ll publicize them or even provide a cover blurb.

    I saw him talk once and asked what he did with the books. He said that there were way too many to read, so he often gave them away to libraries or charities.

  8. I would love to get my habds on “Gemina”; unfortunately, I’ll have to wait quite a bit for it to come out translated in my native language.
    Not that I wouldn’t be able to read it in English, I mean. It’s just that I’ve already read the first book translated and I’m a bit of a stickler regarding books in different languages.

  9. As you can see from the stack, some are ARCs but some instead are the actual published book. Some of the publishers don’t do paper galleys anymore instead relying on digital services such as NetGalley instead.

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