This Week My Brain Apparently Has No Enthusiasm For Writing Long Whatever Entries, So, Here, Have a Kitten

Which, at the standard 1 pic = 1k words rate, means I just wrote a fairly long entry here. Well done, me!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Right; kittens are worth bonus words, for sure. Consider — cats are clearly pan-dimensional beings. Else how might a 9-pound creature exert 40 pounds of pressure PER PAW when standing on your ribs? It’s obvious.

As pan-dimensional entities, they are worth exponentially more in your word count, even before adding the cuteness bonus.

You’re good.

Really, Scalzi… does it never occur to you that NOTHING might be preferable to MORE CAT PHOTOS??
Just, you know, don’t be so easily impressed with yourself. Sheesh. ;)

Thank you; kittens provide an excellent distraction from other parts of the current reality. (My 13-*year*-old rescue kitteh is more active and crazier than any kittens I’ve ever lived with, which is mostly a good thing.)

I am on election burnout right now. A trump supporter I know was confused about Trumps dive in the polls. I said the video killed a lot of support. And he said “what video?” You know, the one where he’s talking to billy bush about grabbing women. And he said he didnt know what I was talking about. No bs, he hadnt heard of it.

Talk about depressing. I cant even. Someone wake me up when its over.


Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, recently commented on the potential and, indeed, present dangers of the algorithms used by search engines, and in social media, which present readers with the results which are closest to the ones the user has already read.

This may explain how a Trump supporter could have simply never seen the video, nor seen references to it; it is incredibly depressing, but it’s something to be aware of. Also, yet another reason why we need kittens; they may be the closest we get to breaking out of the echo chambers around us if we don’t have Scalzi providing posts for us to argue about…

Worth noting that this image, although easier to produce than a thousand words, requires a lot more storage! A thousand words will usually require about five or six thousand bytes for the actual text, plus another couple of thousand for formatting and such. This image takes up nearly 100k! :)

Stevie, this was someone I know from a rural part america. He doesnt have internet, so no google, no search engine algorithms at play, which means Fox News never showed it, or did and quickly swept it under the carpet. And he’s been watching Fox or something like it, because he knew every conspiracy theory about Hillary. But no billy bush video.

At which point, the problem becomes so insurmountable that i just want to sleep until february.

I assume you are aware that cats are the secret rulers of the universe. They allow us silly primates to think we’re in charge, but in reality our every action is to further their comfort and convenience.

Thank you. Cute lovable cat images are always welcome.

BTW, if you had a grid of four panels of the same cat image, does this mean you have a post with the equivalent of 4,000 words?

All the same… Scalzi should totally take 150 photos of his family, pets, and property, assemble them into a Word document, and submit them to his editor as his next manuscript.

Sugar and Spice can play Hickory and Dickory!

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